Stroller donated to Tuscola girl who routinely defies doctor's expectations

Stroller donated to Tuscola girl who routinely defies doctor's expectations

TUSCOLA — When Dilynn Wilson was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just a year old, some doctors told her family she would never be able to walk on her own.

Now, at 8 years old, Dilynn can make it through the school day without braces.

"We've had some doctors and therapists tell us that she wouldn't hit these milestones, and she's just blowing them away," said her mom, Amy Wilson. "She started crawling when she was 3, then she started walking when she was 4. And she used to wear braces on her feet, but she doesn't have those anymore either."

Since she was 9 months old, Dilynn has been receiving physical therapy each week at Tuscola's Champion Fitness, now ATI Physical Therapy after it was bought in November 2016 by the Bolingbrook-based company.

Although she can walk on her own, Dilynn still needs a stroller on occasion. As she has outgrown her current one, today the ATI Foundation is presenting her family with a check that will cover the cost of a new, specialized stroller that fits someone her size.

"She just needs a stroller like for trips to the zoo or a ballgame or something like that," said her dad, Josh.

The ATI Foundation regularly donates to children with physical impairments, said Executive Director Terry Williams.

"It was created in 2003 as a way for the ATI employees and patients to give back to the community," Williams said.

Dilynn was nominated by her primary physical therapist at ATI, Jessica Ray.

"I filled out the application for her because I knew her family needed a stroller," Ray said. "I've had the pleasure of working with her for the last seven years."

At her weekly physical therapy session, Dilynn does a set of exercises with Ray and seems to be friends with everyone at ATI.

Dilynn, a third-grader, said her favorite exercise is walking through the agility ladder, and she is also excited to receive an ATI shirt today.

Her parents said the donation will help.

"Every bit helps with medical equipment," Josh Wilson said.

"It's something that we've been wanting to get for a while because she's so tall now," Amy Wilson said. "We are very thankful."

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