Top of the Morning, March 7, 2018

Top of the Morning, March 7, 2018

The clever Illinois Top 200 project allows voters to choose 10 favorites in 20 different categories leading up to the state's 200th birthday on Dec. 3. Head over to to participate.

The first results — best movies in state history — were released this week. The Top 10:

1. "The Blues Brothers"
2. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"
3. "A League of Their Own"
4. "The Fugitive"
5. "The Untouchables"
6. "The Sting"
7. "Chicago"
8. "Eight Men Out"
9. "Hoop Dreams"
10. "Ordinary People"

We asked News-Gazette Media film critic Chuck Koplinksi to weigh in.

"My No. 1 one would be 'The Untouchables,'" he said. "It captures the era that the city is most famous for and uses the classic architecture of the city to great historical effect. It's also just a damn good movie."

What films were overlooked?

"Stranger Than Fiction" and "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer," Koplinski said.

"'Fiction' is one of my favorite films and a Will Ferrell film for people who don't like Will Ferrell," he said. "Much of the movie revolves around the city's location and displays a distinctive Midwest attitude. Truly a criminally overlooked movie.

"As for 'Henry,' it shows the underside of (Chicago), the dark corners that are never shown in the tourism ads. If you want a complete view of the city, these two are a great double feature."

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