Top of the Morning, April 16, 2018

Top of the Morning, April 16, 2018

Turns out, this older dog can learn a few new tricks, as long as the young pups are there to show him how.

Following on the heels of staff writer LYNDSAY JONES' story on test scores in the Champaign school district, staff writer ADALBERTO TOLEDO had a great story Sunday on the benefits and drawbacks of area wind farms.

He came to me early on with a lot of data and a lot of possibilities. The payoff is the graphs readers saw in print and online. Examples are included below.

The map above is a product of Google Maps and a lot of hard work on Toledo's part nailing down addresses for each turbine in all four major wind farms in the area. Online, you can click on a farm's name and see its address, electricity output, what kind of turbines it uses and other stats.


The bar and pie charts above and below are a product of Flourish, which we used for the graph that accompanied Jones' story. These break down where the tax revenue generated by the farms goes; you can hover over them online to see exact dollar amounts.


It's yet another way we're trying to take advantage of this new software to enhance your experience, both in print and online.

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