Teacher of the Week: Ellie Short

Teacher of the Week: Ellie Short

Meet ELLIE SHORT, a second-year math and statistics teacher at Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School. The 2013 Golden Apple Scholar credits her time teaching summer school in the Chicago Public Schools throughout college with molding her into the teacher she is today.

"I strive to have a student-centered classroom, and we are always doing activities that relate content to the real world," Short said, adding that two big projects included a Barbie bungee jump and quadratic catapult. "Making these real-world connections really helps students to stay engaged and really see how they can apply math beyond pencil and paper."

Here's more from staff writer Noelle McGee:

As far as the thing I like most about my job ... I absolutely love teaching high-schoolers. I feel that you can really reason with them, and you can really challenge them. They're at the age where you can joke with them but also turn around and have mature conversations with them. I also love that we play a large role in helping them determine what they want to do with their futures.

One of my favorite teachers growing up was ... probably my high school calculus teacher, Ms. Fehrenbacher. She had such a passion for math, and she really cared to get to know all of us. She challenged us a lot, which I hated at the time, but she truly helped prepare me for college and helped me solidify my decision to become a math teacher.

Three items I have on my desk are ... Post-it Notes, water and tons of colored pens. What's life without color?

The social-media platform I use the most is ... Facebook, but Twitter is definitely a close second. I love social media so much because I can keep in touch with people that I would rarely be able to talk to otherwise. It also gives me awesome ideas to use in the classroom. I love it so much that I actually created a Twitter account for my class (@missshortmath).

The concert I can't wait to see is ... the Kenny Chesney/Thomas Rhett/Old Dominion Concert at Busch Stadium this summer.

My classroom pet peeve is ... when students make excuses. We all make mistakes. Own up to it and move on.

One item on my bucket list is ... getting my master's degree.

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