Golf carts allowed on St. Joseph streets starting Tuesday

Golf carts allowed on St. Joseph streets starting Tuesday

ST. JOSEPH — Starting Tuesday, the roads in St. Joseph will get a little more congested.

The village board recently passed an ordinance allowing golf carts to be driven in the village — with some restrictions.

"This whole ordinance was built around safety," Trustee Jim Wagner said.

Trustee Anthony Laubscher first brought the idea to the board when he chaired St. Joseph's Public Health and Safety Committee. The ordinance states that any person who operates a cart must be 21 years old and have a valid driver's licence with them. The driver must also have proof of liability insurance that meets the minimum requirements of the state.

The village is only allowing carts to be driven from sunrise to sunset, and they must have headlight and tail lamps on at all times when operated on village streets.

Golf carts cannot be driven on village roads when weather prevents the driver from seeing 500 feet out. They also are prohibited on sidewalks, in village parks or on any village property other than streets.

The speed limit for carts is 25 mph. They must yield the right-of-way to approaching traffic from behind by pulling to the right side of the road.