The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, May 20, 2018

The Big 10 with Jeff D'Alessio, May 20, 2018

In installment No. 2 of our three-part Sunday series, we asked members of the high school Class of 2018: What are the top three items on your 10-year bucket list?



1. Go skydiving. I'm really scared of roller coasters, but I want to know what it would feel like to be flying and skydiving is the next closest thing.

2. Go on a road trip across the country with three of my best friends. I know we'd totally get annoyed with each other but having the adult experience of going out entirely on our own is almost like a rite of passage.

3. Live in many different places. I want to live someplace warm, where it never gets below 60. I want to live in the city and have a busy life like all the other beings walking about. I want to live somewhere cold, where there are mounds of snow making each day brighter than the next. And I want my last house to be filled with the warmth of my family surrounding me.



1. Have a cooking show. Freshman year, all of my classmates found my cooking video on YouTube, and it's become a running joke the last four years. I've always enjoyed watching cooking shows and how fun it seems to just have your job be to make food and be on TV.

2. Either be on a political campaign circuit, or be somewhere at a Division I college, working as the youngest D-I college athletic director ever.

3. Make a difference. I've always been involved in clubs in high school. I've enjoyed helping others, and I'd like to continue that in my adult life.


Cerro Gordo

1. Own a theatre company in which I direct rare musicals and plays, even in languages other than English, to share with new audiences.

2. Adopt a child. I have always felt the need to help others, and showing unconditional love to a child in need would be a dream come true.

3. Direct a revival of "Side Show." This musical has truly changed my life, and after directing it last year at Cerro Gordo, bringing it to life on a Broadway stage would be a major feat.



1. Make sustainability a part of my lifestyle so, even after my bucket list is completed, others will still have a world to complete theirs in.

2. Never stop learning with an open mind. How amazing it is to believe there is more to education than right and wrong answers.

3. Experience the world. Isn't that what all of us are after?



1. Run the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon — just to say I did.

2. Start and run a successful business.

3. Move to New York City, and live there for a few years.



1. Donate my hair again to Pantene for those who need it. I've already donated twice, and this is a way I can keep on helping people.

2. Graduate from Illinois State University with a degree in special education.

3. Go skydiving. It will be both exhilarating and breaking free of limitations.



1. Travel to each continent and delve into their cultures, learning about how they live their lives and dancing with the locals. Also, help build homes or spend time with patients while I am there.

2. Learn how to fly a plane and wing walk. I like the risky side of life and it excites me to be in high, open places.

3. Go on a cross-country road trip by myself. Maybe visit landmarks and national parks as I go along.



1. Have my friend Zane's and my startup idea finally succeed as a national business.

2. Have some scientific discovery I may make become a part of educational curriculum.

3. Go to every total solar eclipse that happens in the contiguous U.S.



1. Graduate from Indiana University magna cum laude — along with excelling on their women's rowing team and in their Army ROTC program.

2. Go on another mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country. Reminder: find a way to keep my Spanish skills in practice.

3. Start growing and raising a family.


Urbana Uni High

1. Become fluent in German and travel to all the German-speaking countries.

2. Backpack across the Alps with my sister.

3. Begin a successful career in a medical-related field.

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