UI student plans to be on ballot in County Board race

UI student plans to be on ballot in County Board race

CHAMPAIGN — A University of Illinois student plans to run for a seat on the Champaign County Board.

Ben Chapman, 21, of Mahomet, said Sunday that he had been slated by the Democratic Party and plans on collecting enough signatures to appear on the November ballot.

No Democrats were on the March ballot for county board in District 1.

Republican James E. Goss ran unopposed for a four-year county board seat in the district and received 1,842 votes. Republican Brooks March ran unopposed for an unexpired term in the district and received 1,889 votes.

Chapman said he seeks to oppose Goss for the four-year term.

"I was a write-in candidate for the state senate for the 51st District," Chapman said. "I don't believe there should be any seats unopposed in an election. It is important our representative in government be responsible to their constituents. It cheapens the campaign process when you have a government that does not respond to its constituents."

Chapman said he recently completed his junior year at the UI, where he majors in food science and human nutrition with a minor in environmental stainability.

"I am committed to the belief that our citizenry's health is our most valuable resource, and the well-being of our community is priority number one for me," he said.

Chapman said that he would be an advocate for public health and education on the county board.

"School lunches and school nutrition are issues I want to be involved with," he said. "And we have to make sure the county is responsible when it comes to restaurant safety."