Top of the Morning, June 7, 2018

Top of the Morning, June 7, 2018

All eyes will be on the flag-carrying kids of Boy Scout Troop 490 at Saturday's Old Glory Festival in Bement.

At noon, they'll walk in formation to the center of Veterans Park for the main event: Pause for the Pledge. It's about as patriotic of a scene as you'll find in these parts.

"It's neat to see the boys taking charge of what's going on. It's a big deal for them," said Scoutmaster CHAD THOMAS, adding that "we've had scouts who aged out who have gone on to serve in the military."

Troop 490 consists of boys from Monticello, Bement, White Heath, DeLand and Weldon. One of them will lead the community Pledge of Allegiance that grabs everyone's attention at the festival.

"Even the concessions shut down at noon," organizer PAT HUNTER said. "Each year, we're getting more stringent about it. If you don't get excited about the flag, this probably isn't the place to be."

Coming Friday: Is the record for longest cricket-spit — 32 feet — in jeopardy at the Old Glory Festival? Check out staff writer TIM MITCHELL's new weekend planner, "Places To Be, Things To See."

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