Champaign high school students to receive laptops

Champaign high school students to receive laptops

CHAMPAIGN — A Chromebook in every hand: That’s Unit 4’s plan for all incoming high school students this year.

The school district announced via letter that all high-schoolers would not only receive the laptop, carrying case and charger for free, but could also keep them after graduating. The change also involves a few more staff and technology additions to the schools.

“Tech-support personnel have been added to each high school, and there will be limited access to charging stations throughout the day,” the district said in the letter.

And for worried parents, the district said it will implement a content-filtering system on the laptops.

“Chromebooks will utilize the same district content-filtering system at school and at home,” the district said.  

The district plans to charge $80 to $230 per laptop if one is lost, with the cost dependent on the laptop’s age. For students without home internet access, the district said it plans to “work with students to find accessible internet options in community and/or other options.”

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