Next stop for Rantoul administrator: North Carolina

Next stop for Rantoul administrator: North Carolina

Six months after RICK SNIDER left his job as Champaign County administrator for a similar role in Rantoul, the village has begun the search for his replacement.

Snider will leave his post in late July, citing personal reasons for the quick move. Rantoul Mayor CHUCK SMITH said he had known for a couple of weeks that Snider was considering resigning, adding: "Needless to say, I'm disappointed."

In an exit interview with DAVE HINTON, editor of N-G Media's Rantoul Press, Snider discussed his decision. Here are a few outtakes, with more available at

How long have you been considering a change?

Although the unhappiness of being separated from family has been long-standing, the actual decision ... happened fairly quickly within the last couple weeks. In consideration of a number of factors, we decided that making North Carolina our permanent home was the most sensible choice. (Partner) Tim (Nelson) only needs about seven more years to retire from federal service, while I still need another eight just to vest in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund.

Cost of living in North Carolina is significantly less. ... The last tax bill I paid in Mahomet was approaching $11,000; for a marginally smaller home in North Carolina, my taxes will be about $1,700 annually.

Do you have a job lined up?

No. I plan to take a sabbatical as I haven't had a serious break in about eight years, which included running a goat dairy and attending graduate school, all while working a full-time job. I went straight from that situation to becoming Champaign County administrator and landing in the middle of the nursing home crisis.

What do you see as the future for Rantoul?

There needs to be a recognition that Rantoul is not an isolated outpost, which it may have been during the Chanute days, but an important player in the regional economy. ... It behooves us to reach out and form partnerships with the (UI) by leveraging the assets we have, including land and utility infrastructure. I believe there is a rich stream of opportunities available to us of which we must take advantage.

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