LIVE! Kevin Anderson wins Wimbledon semifinal match

LIVE! Kevin Anderson wins Wimbledon semifinal match

Final two games of the fifth set ...

ANDERSON HAS BROKEN ISNER. The highlight of Game 49 was at 15-0, when Anderson fell on his behind returning an Isner serve, got up and played the next shot with his off hand, got the racket back in his right hand and won the point. He's now one game from advancing to the championship match.

Isner took the first point of the 50th game, and Anderson forced Isner to push a return wide on the second point. Anderson followed with an ace to go to 30-15, then another to get to 40-15. And then Isner flew one wide to Anderson's left to give the former Illini a berth in the Wimbledon men's singles final.

* * *

FIFTH SET — Anderson wins 26-24

Isner opened this set by shutting out Anderson in the first game. Anderson overcame a double fault in his first serves of this set to take down Game 2.

Isner maintained his strong service start to this set by again preventing Anderson from scoring, this time in Game 3. Anderson, though not working quite as quickly as Isner right now, easily managed to win the fourth game and re-tie the set.

Anderson finally broke through for a point while not serving in this set, but Isner still grabbed the fifth game. Anderson responded by pitching a shutout in the sixth game to knot the set at 3. This match is now closing in on the four-hour mark.

Isner served his 200th ace of this tournament — and 39th today — en route to winning the seventh game. Anderson again shut out Isner in the eighth game to tie things at 4. Isner quickly pulled to within a set of advancing to the final, though, as he staved off Anderson in Game 9.

Anderson made quick work of Isner in the 10th game, as Isner looks just a tad slower moving side to side than he was earlier. That's to be expected, of course, when your match runs over four hours. Isner made up for it, though, by outlasting Anderson in the 11th game to push Anderson against the wall once more.

Anderson, once again, responded with a victory. There's no tiebreaker in the fifth set at Wimbledon, so these two will play until someone leads by two games.

Isner eased his way to the win in Game 13, meaning Anderson must pull out the next round. No problem there, as Anderson kept Isner off the scoreboard in Game 14.

Anderson nearly broke Isner's serve for a fourth time during Game 15, pulling ahead 40-30. But Isner rallied to force deuce and eventually win the game, giving himself another shot at the set and match. Again, however, Anderson fended him off. A pair of aces in excess of 130 MPH allowed Anderson to keep this one going.

Isner again kept the pressure on Anderson by capturing the 17th game. Then he applied even more pressure by forcing deuce in the 18th game. But Anderson served up an ace to snag the advantage and then took the game point as well to maintain his presence.

Anderson plowed ahead 30-0 in the 19th game despite Isner serving, but Isner rolled back to take the next three points — though Anderson made him work especially hard to get to 40. Isner had to charge the net and return a low, sinking shot from one knee to stop Anderson from getting to break point.

But Anderson persevered through another double fault and kept himself alive in a bid for the finals berth, topping Isner in Game 20. Anderson then had a golden opportunity to break Isner's serve in Game 21, leading 40-30. But Isner rallied to take another one-game edge.

Anderson made an error at the net to start the 22nd game, but he bounced back quickly and dispatched Isner in that round to tie things once more.

Anderson put forth a stiff battle in the 25th game, taking two points from Isner before ultimately being deposed. Anderson kept up that composure in the 26th game, serving up an ace to create another tie. There was a spirited close-quarters battle for one point, which Isner won, that shows both men still have something in the tank.

Isner refuses to have his serve broken in this set, as he's now won his 14th game. Anderson has put up 30 a couple of times here down the stretch, but some of his best chances to break Isner in this set came much earlier.

Anderson's serves have slowed a little — he actually had one below 100 MPH during this set. But he's still getting the desired result more often than not, as his post-serve shot placement has been pretty strong. Anderson capitalized in the 28th set on some sloppy returns from Isner.

Isner, meanwhile, is getting by on his serve. He's still comfortably in the 130s as far as MPH, and it's been tough for Anderson to consistently answer. He did plop a nice return into the back left corner during that 29th game, but the rest of that game was Isner.

Anderson avoided potential disaster in the 30th game. He went ahead 40-0 before flubbing on a few returns. Isner nearly slid one down the right side shortly after that, but it landed just out and allowed Anderson to stick around.

ESPN is showing plenty of graphics pertaining to Wimbledon's longest match as this one breaks the record for lengthiest for a single day at 5 hours and 32 minutes. Anderson again got to 30 points, in the 31st game, but Isner skirted past him before limping slightly to his sideline chair.

Anderson has found another wind with his serving game now, as he just broke out swings of 131, 128 and 130 MPH to shut out Isner in the 32nd game. He didn't have much to offer Isner in the 33rd game, though, as Isner's ability to put balls just outside Anderson's typical reach is pretty impactful at this stage of the match.

The last thing anyone wants to see right now is the Wimbledon grounds crew — no offense to those men and women. But dark clouds have rolled into London, and the green-clad weather folk are on standby as Anderson eases to victory in the 34th game.

Anderson pulled ahead 40-15 in the 35th game as Isner went deep twice and wide the third time. But Isner responded with a pair of aces to force deuce, then added another to gain the advantage before staving off Anderson in a brief volley. That was Anderson's best chance to break Isner in some time.

If this match establishes a new record for longest Wimbledon (and pro tennis) match ... well, neither of these guys are going to be looking too great in the final. This is now the second-lengthiest Wimbledon bout at over 5 hours and 40 minutes. The longest is a famous 2012 match between Isner and Nicolas Mahut that lasted 11 hours, 5 minutes. But this one will keep heading closer to that output, as Anderson wins the 36th game.

Nothing much of note in the 37th game. Anderson tried to bounce back late with two points, but Isner ended up taking it. There was an excellent volley for the second point in this 38th game, which Isner earned after Anderson kept throwing backhands deeper and deeper into the right corner, to try and get Isner to push his return wide. That was all Isner mustered in that game, though, as Anderson tied it at 19.

Anderson completely whiffed on a shot right at the baseline during that 39th game, which Isner wound up winning. That's not the first time he's muffed a return bid from that spot during this fifth set. Both guys are being impacted by the length of this match, for sure. Anderson responded by crushing Isner in the 40th game, putting up two more aces in the process.

Anderson challenged the status of his return shot at 40-15, which was ruled out. The call stood. It's also very clear the crowd is interested for something different to happen. The loudest cheers come whenever someone who isn't serving scores, whether it's Anderson or Isner.

Some very close calls during the 42nd game, especially when it came to Isner targeting the baseline. He goes just deep with a return at 40-30, so Anderson gets to try and break Isner's serve again.

Isner set a new Wimbledon single-tournament record with his 214th ace during the 43rd game. Anderson went ahead 30-0 before Isner brought it back to 40-30. But then Isner made an error at the net, setting up deuce. Isner prevailed with the next two points, and the stress remains on Anderson.

Anderson got his first serve of the 44th game to scratch the line by the thinnest of margins. Then, he and Isner engaged in some thrilling net play before Anderson put away the game with an ace.

Anderson gobbled up the first two points of the 45th game, but narrowly missed out on the next two (a serve that hit the line and a barely-deep return). Isner did put away Anderson in this one, though, to take another one-game lead.

Isner duffed a straightforward short return at 15-0 in Game 46 — though nothing is really straightforward after playing tennis for more than six hours. Anderson followed with two aces to knot us at 23.

Again, in the 47th game, Anderson built a 30-0 advantage. And, again, he watchedit go by the wayside. Anderson made some mistakes with his first return — going deep at 30-30 and hitting the net at 40-30. So he still can't break Isner's serve.

Anderson swept past Isner in the 48th game, outlasting Isner in a few exchanges versus relying on his serve that time.

ANDERSON HAS BROKEN ISNER. The highlight of Game 49 was at 15-0, when Anderson fell on his behind returning an Isner serve, got up and played the next shot with his off hand, got the racket back in his right hand and won the point. He's now one game from advancing to the championship match.

Isner took the first point of the 50th game, and Anderson forced Isner to push a return wide on the second point. Anderson followed with an ace to go to 30-15, then another to get to 40-15. And then Isner flew one wide to Anderson's left to give the former Illini a berth in the Wimbledon men's singles final.

* * *

FOURTH SET — Anderson wins 6-4

Isner easily captured the first game of this set. Anderson then fired up his heavy serve after dropping the opening point of the second game, taking three points without a return and snatching Game 2. Isner gave Anderson little chance in the third stanza, sweeping him away without allowing a point.

Anderson sent Isner running across the court in Game 4 and ultimately came away triumphant. And now it's Anderson running around in Game 5, but he was able to rally from down 40-15, force deuce, gain the advantage and break Isner's serve with a quartet of lunging returns that all found grass to Isner's right.

This is the second time in the match that Anderson has broken Isner's serve — something that hadn't happened all tournament before today. Last time Anderson broke serve, however, his serve was broken the very next game.

And it happened again in this set. Anderson never led in the sixth game as Isner continually found returns for Anderson's shots.

Isner had a rough seventh game from a service perspective, as he double-faulted twice. But he still came away with the game thanks to some masterful shot placement after his successful serves.

Anderson rallied to take down the eighth game in a shutout. And then he broke Isner's serve for a third time, capturing the ninth game and giving himself a chance to send this match to a decisive fifth set.

And that's exactly what he did, although not without some trouble. Anderson went ahead 40-0, then watched Isner force deuce before closing out the American to capture the set and finally take advantage of breaking Isner's serve. This marks the third consecutive match for Anderson in which all five sets will be required to decide the victor.

* * *

THIRD SET — Isner wins 7-6 (9)

Anderson started things off smoothly in the third set, shutting out Isner with his opening serve. Isner pushed right back — par for the course in this match — to tie things at 1. Anderson then slipped behind 30-15 in the third game, only to rally for the next three points.

Isner blitzed his way to a 2-all tie by shutting out Anderson in the fourth game. Anderson responded nearly in kind in the fifth game, letting up the first point before tallying the next four.

Anderson fell short in Game 6 before swatting away Isner in the seventh. But then, a critical moment occurred as Anderson broke Isner's serve in the eighth game. It was the first time all tournament that Isner failed to defend his serve. He'd been perfect in 110 tries before that.

A trademark of this match has been constant fistpumping between Anderson and Isner. Both guys have been fired up the entire bout, with Isner busting our a roar after taking the second set from Anderson. That trend has continued in the third set, as Anderson showed some rare extra emotion after breaking Isner's serve.

Anderson quickly dropped the advantage he'd gained by breaking Isner's serve, however. Isner in the very next game broke Anderson's serve. The two had gone the entire match up until these last two games without breaking serve.

Isner tied things up at 5 with little trouble in the next game. Anderson then brought himself to within one one of the third-set victory by snapping up Game 11. Anderson got himself to 30-30 with Isner in the 12th game, but Isner unleashed consecutive aces to send the match to its third tiebreaker in as many sets.

After shanking a return bid in the first tiebreaker point, Anderson was able to return a powerful Isner serve thanks to a long stretch to his right, gaining that point back in the process. Anderson then came up with another clutch return while tied at 3, rushing the net and pushing a shot past Isner on the latter's serve.

Isner followed in kind, overturning Anderson's serve by coming out on top of a volley to knot up the tiebreaker at 4. After Anderson took the next point, Isner moved within one point of taking the set. But Anderson found another tie, this time at 6, with the help of his big serve.

The two then repelled one another's serves over the next two points before Anderson did so to Isner's serve again to generate an 8-7 lead in the tiebreaker. Anderson then erred, double-faulting with a chance to snag the set. It was his first double-fault since the first point of the entire match.

Anderson rebounded to pull ahead 9-8, but Isner immediately forced a tie with a blistering serve far to Anderson's left. Isner then gobbled up another point to move ahead 10-9 before fending off Anderson's serve to finally take the third set.

Isner left little up to chance in the 23rd game and made sure Anderson had to stay strong in the 24th. And that he did, as Anderson gave up just one point as he again drew things to a tie.

* * *

SECOND SET — Isner wins 7-6 (5)

Isner picked himself up off the mat quickly in the second set, not allowing a point to Anderson in the first game. Anderson breezed to the second-game triumph in response, capping it with an ace. Isner did the same thing in Game 3 and has taken down all eight points which he's served in this set.

There was an important development early in this set, though. Isner checked out his right hand after winning a point in the third game. During the break between Games 3 and 4, Isner was getting his right pointer finger bandaged. ESPN analysts suggested he could be dealing with a blister.

After that happening, Anderson went on to win the fourth game. In the fifth game, Anderson had his best chance thus far at breaking Isner's serve. The two went to deuce, but Isner took the next two points to move ahead 3-2.

Neither man had any trouble taking their next service game, with Isner again not allowing Anderson a point as he pulled ahead 4-3. Anderson returned the favor in the eighth game by shutting out Isner.

Isner flirted with disaster in the ninth game, falling behind Anderson 40-30. But Isner then captured the next three points to pull within a game of winning the second set. But Anderson staved off that immediate threat by winning the 10th game rather easily.

Anderson inched to a 30-all tie in the 11th game, but Isner snuffed out any sort of rally from the former Illini and again pulled within a game of winning the set. Again, Anderson was having none of it, and a second tiebreaker was forced. At this point, ESPN ran a graphic saying Anderson had committed just four unforced errors to 19 for Isner.

Isner controlled the tiebreaker's early stages, going up 5-0 on Anderson. Then, Anderson responded by taking five of the next six points. But Isner had the answer, blasting a serve straight up the middle to win the second set.

* * *

FIRST SET — Anderson wins 7-6 (6)

Anderson won the pre-match coin toss and elected to unleash his dangerous serve first, in his inaugural match on Wimbledon's center court.

Anderson captured the first set's opening game despite double-faulting on the first point, as he captured the next four points in succession. Isner returned the favor in Game 2 even though Anderson tallied the opening point in that game.

What followed was a lengthy third game, which Anderson won after eight duece battles. Anderson used an ace to gain the advantage before putting Isner away in the third.

Isner tied things up in the fourth game, closing it with an ace right down the middle. But Anderson bounced back in Game 5 as Isner made a couple of unforced errors to aid the South Africa native.

Isner eased his way to a 3-all tie after this, not even allowing a volley after dropping that game's first point and concluding with a pair of clean aces. Anderson hasn't had quite as much luck handling Isner's serve thus far as Isner has with Anderson's.

But Anderson wasn't about to be shoved aside in the serving department, as he capped his fourth game victory with an ace of his own. Isner quickly rebounded by knotting up the match at four games apiece.

Anderson's fifth game win was easily his most dominant of the first set, as he appeared empowered by a pretty drop shot that Isner could not return. Anderson did not allow a point in this game, the first time that's happened today.

Anderson was one point away from breaking Isner's serve and winning the opening set, but Isner composed himself and responded by taking down the next three points and tying the set at 5.

The 11th game opened with a 23-shot rally that Anderson won on an Isner error. That phrase is becoming a little more common as this set goes on, with Isner showing some frustration after smacking multiple shots into the net. Anderson capitalized, moving ahead 6-5.

Isner had little trouble moving the set back to a tie, this time at 6, and forcing a tiebreaker. After falling behind 4-2 in the tiebreak, Anderson responded to switching court sides by snatching the next three points. Isner then served his way to a 6-5 edge before Anderson tied it once more.

Then, Anderson broke through. He earned a shot at set point, and after a lengthy volley, Isner smashed a return into the net to give Anderson an early edge.

* * *

6:45 a.m. — 15 minutes before Anderson-Isner

Good morning, tennis fans. Former Illini Kevin Anderson is set to take on John Isner is a Wimbledon men's singles semifinal. The match will begin in roughly 15 minutes in London.

Anderson is searching for his second-ever Grand Slam men's singles final berth, with the first coming last year in the U.S. Open. Anderson dropped that bout to Rafael Nadal, who is squaring off against Novak Djokovic in today's other semifinal.

Anderson, who finished his career at Illinois in 2007, is uniquely familiar with Isner. In Anderson's final collegiate year, he and Isner dueled during the NCAA men's championships. Isner, who competed for Georgia, defeated Anderson in the No. 1 singles match as the Bulldogs posted a 4-0 win over the Illini in the national title event.

When it comes to ATP action, the two also are frequent opponents. Isner often has gotten the upper hand, holding an 8-3 advantage liftetime over Anderson. The last time Anderson has toppled Isner was at the 2012 Delray Beach Open, though the two haven't met on the court since 2015.

Still, Anderson is the eighth-seeded player in this men's singles tournament, while Isner is No. 9. Anderson is in the midst of an extremely strong year as well, making five ATP event finals since August 2017.

One thing is certain when it comes to Anderson and Isner: many aces will be involved. The 6-foot-8 Anderson and 6-foot-10 Isner both have impressive serving power, leading to 160 aces thus far for Isner and 123 for Anderson. Isner's serve has yet to be broken in this tournament.

Anderson will need to achieve that today if he aims to advance to the Wimbledon final. Check in for updates as the two big men vie for one of two championship match bids.