Champaign County Board recommends $4.5M budget for nursing home

Champaign County Board recommends $4.5M budget for nursing home

URBANA — The Champaign County Board may be in the process of selling its financially challenged nursing home, but it still has millions of dollars in bills to pay before the home is in private hands.

At a committee-of-the-whole meeting Tuesday evening, members recommended appropriating $4,542,946 to the nursing home for an operating budget.

Previously, the county board — months before a decision was made on the home's future — had only approved a six-month budget for the facility.

In May, following months of debate, the county board voted 15-6 to sell the nursing home to Extended Care Clinical LLC and Altitude Health Services Inc., both headquartered in Evanston, for $11 million.

The sale won't close until approximately Oct. 31, according to County Administrator Deb Busey.

That leaves lots of bills to settle in the meantime.

Since current appropriations are insufficient to cover nursing home operations, Busey said the board's action — if ultimately approved — would essentially restore the nursing home to its original 12-month budget, as proposed by the management company during the budget process.

A board vote on the appropriation is expected next week.