Georgetown hog caller defends his title again at state fair

Georgetown hog caller defends his title again at state fair

GEORGETOWN — Andrew Metheney can now call himself the three-time defending champion of the Illinois State Fair's hog-calling contest.

The 20-year-old Georgetown man performed several hog calls, including his tried-and-true pig-in-an-electric-fence and two-pigs-fighting calls and his new Grandpa Pig and sick-pig calls, which he added to his repertoire this year at the annual competition. To his surprise, he beat out 27-year contest veteran Chris Karr and a mother-daughter team Sunday.

"I was kind of like, 'I can't believe I went (to the competition) again,' and then I ended up winning again," said Metheney, who walked away with a total of $350 in prize money — $250 from the fair, and $100 from a radio station.

His winning technique: Warming up his vocal chords, drinking lots of water to make sure his throat doesn't get dry and then "winging it."

Metheney's old classmates — and teachers — at Georgetown-Ridge Farm High School will tell you he's had lots of experience making pig squeals and other funny noises.

Now a Vermilion County correctional officer, he still enjoys making them in public "at random times, just to scare people" or make them laugh.

"I've done it in a few restaurants," said Metheney, who gets a kick when people start to look around. "They find out real quick where it's coming from."

The past two years, Metheney put his winnings toward his tuition at Danville Area Community College, where he studied criminal justice. He said part of this year's prize is already spoken for.

"I got a speeding ticket," said Metheney, who was pulled over in a part of Springfield he wasn't familiar with on his way to the fair.