County nursing home's potential buyers file bid by deadline

County nursing home's potential buyers file bid by deadline

URBANA — The Evanston companies poised to buy the Champaign County Nursing Home submitted an application to a state review board Friday, just in time for it likely to be considered at the board's next session Oct. 30.

The nursing home buyers, Extended Care Clinical LLC and Altitude Health Services Inc., filed the application along with a request for a public hearing, according to the Health Facilities and Services Review board staff.

The hearing will be held in Champaign County, and details such as the address, time and date still need to be arranged.

A transcript of the hearing that will include testimony from the public will be reviewed by planning board members before they consider the change of ownership.

The state board has legal oversight over certain health care construction projects and the closing or sales of certain health care facilities, among them a county-owned nursing home.

Friday was the deadline for applications to be filed for the board's October session. The board doesn't meet again after that until December.

The Champaign County Board approved the sale of the county nursing home for $11 million this past May, and county officials originally anticipated turning over the keys to the new owners at the end of July.

The pending sale has been a contentious issue for county officials and some community members who want to see the nursing home remain in the county's hands, though local voters gave the county board authority to sell last year.