Danville man gets 20 years for trying to bribe alleged sex-assault victim

Danville man gets 20 years for trying to bribe alleged sex-assault victim

DANVILLE — A Danville man accused of sexually assaulting a minor was sentenced to 20 years in prison Wednesday for trying to bribe the victim to get the charges dropped.

Keyvell B. Lewis, 37, was originally charged in January 2017 with multiple counts of criminal sexual assault for incidents involving a teen girl.

The Vermilion County State's Attorney's Office said while those charges were pending, he had a conversation with the victim's mother, telling her that if the state didn't have a witness, they didn't have a case.

According to First Assistant State's Attorney Stephanie Weber and Assistant State's Attorney Christopher McCallum, Lewis also suggested to the victim's mother that she could flee with the victim or the victim could come to court and say Lewis didn't do it. In a subsequent conversation with both of them, Lewis told the teen to come to court and say she lied, and told her he had $8,000 and would take her shopping with it if she came to court and dropped the charges, the prosecutors said.

He was then charged with bribery and communicating with a witness in December 2017. A Vermilion County jury convicted him of bribery on July 11.

In addition to the 20 years in prison, Lewis must serve three years of parole once released. Bribery is a Class 2 felony, but Lewis was sentenced under the Class X category because of his prior criminal history, which includes Cook County convictions for robbery, forgery and armed robbery between 1996 and 2005.

The sexual-assault charges against him are still pending.

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