Appellate judge defends actions in seeking paid lectures

Appellate judge defends actions in seeking paid lectures

CHAMPAIGN — Appellate court Judge Robert Steigmann of Urbana maintains he was in the right when he used office resources to solicit paid lectures.

Steigmann made his first public comments since being reprimanded by the Illinois Courts Commission while appearing on "A Penny For Your Thoughts" on Wednesday on WDWS 1400-AM.

He said when he spoke to police and medical groups, he was doing so as a public service and charged between $800 and $1,250, and he believed he was within the rules when reaching out to the groups using things like his office's letterhead. Stiegmann said his presentations always got great reviews.

While the judge was steadfast in his defense, he earlier admitted his actions were "an error in judgement" and pledged not to seek paid lectures from people likely to come before his court.

The full interview with Steigmann is available below. He does not receive a fee to appear on WDWS.