2 male students charged after firework set off inside Danville High

2 male students charged after firework set off inside Danville High

DANVILLE — Two Danville High School students are facing criminal charges for allegedly setting off a firework inside the school Wednesday morning.

Public Safety Director Larry Thomason said two males, ages 17 and 18, were each charged with possession of an explosive and reckless conduct and were being detained at the county's juvenile detention center.

Thomason declined to name them because they're being charged as juveniles.

According to a report, a loud explosion occurred in a hallway around 8:30 a.m., prompting the school to be put on hard lockdown, Thomason said. He said once school-resource officers determined there was no danger to anyone in the building, the school moved to a soft lockdown, which allows movement within it.

"What they found through their review was that three male students apparently were involved in setting off what appeared to be a large firework," Thomason said. "I'm not sure what kind, but it was a loud noisemaker."

He added that no one was injured, and the school followed all procedures correctly.

Thomason said the three students were taken to the Public Safety Building, where two of them were taken into custody. He said the third was released.

"They found he wasn't directly involved," Thomason said.

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