Top of the Morning, Oct. 10, 2018

Top of the Morning, Oct. 10, 2018

On Wednesdays, Unity's Miranda Fairbanks and 34 other high school students produce "High School Confidential." Here's something to get you there:

Bib number 447 held deep meaning to Unity cross-country star Savannah Day.

It was what she wore for one of her best high school races — and what she had her coach write on the back of her bib at every event after that.

"It was a thing we did," Unity coach Kara Leaman said.

The Rockets were back in Metamora on Saturday, three days after Savannah's tragic death. As bib numbers were handed out, the Rockets were floored as race officials gave sophomore Taylor Joop 447 and her teammates numbers in the same neighborhood.

"Randomly picked," Leaman said. "I was kind of in shock. I said 'Girls, you're not going to believe this.'"

The Rockets, already inspired by a message from Savannah's mother a day after her death, raced their hearts out in driving rain. They did so wearing hair ribbons sporting the number "447" and Savannah's name.

Afterward, "there were big hugs, and the tears came," Leaman said. "They were exhausted from racing and from going through a wide range of emotions."

Savannah's funeral was Tuesday. As her mother told the team on Thursday, "In our hearts we're not going to back down," Leaman said. "We'll keep doing what we do."

Saturday's symbolic bib assignment helped the girls do just that.

"It was cool," Leaman said, "and comforting."