Unit 4 board: If teachers strike, district will be shuttered

Unit 4 board: If teachers strike, district will be shuttered

CHAMPAIGN — If Unit 4 teachers go on strike nine days from now, all of the district's buildings will be shut down.

Responding to the Champaign Federation of Teachers filing its official intent-to-strike notice a day earlier, Champaign school board members said Friday they've decided to shutter all district buildings and cancel all school-related programming if no deal is reached on a new contract and the teachers stay home Nov. 26.

"This means that there will be no classes, practices, competitions, club meetings, Kids Plus programming or community activities at any schools, program or other Unit 4 building," the school board said in a statement issued early Friday evening. "We look forward to reaching a resolution that does not require us to take the actions above but wanted to be proactive in our communication in the event we do."

Teachers union President Jen White has said if the union does decide to strike, it will happen on Nov. 26.

On Tuesday, the two sides are scheduled to meet for an 11th negotiating session. Teachers in Unit 4 have been working without a contract since June 30.

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