Just Askin' | Scotty's Brewhouse's bankruptcy not felt here

Just Askin' | Scotty's Brewhouse's bankruptcy not felt here

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With Scotty's Brewhouse filing for bankruptcy, what's going to happen to the Champaign location?

The Champaign restaurant on South Neil Street is not affected, said general manager Tim Jongsma.

"We are locally owned and operated," Jongsma said. "We're here to stay for the long term."

The Champaign location is a separate organization that pays to license the Scotty's brand, he said, similar to a franchise.

Scotty's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December to close four of its underperforming stores.

"There were a lot of locations around Indianapolis, and they've decided to restructure this year to focus on growing the company outside of the state of Indiana," Jongsma said. "They had some locations that weren't performing to the level they wanted them to, so they shut them in order to basically save the money and restructure."

He said the Champaign location is doing well, two years after it opened in December 2016.

Another Scotty's opened last month in Mattoon.

"It's super busy," Jongsma said. "And we continue to look for more growth in Illinois. We've got some other things on the books that I really can't discuss with you this morning, but yes, we expect to have a larger presence by the end of '19 in Illinois."

Scotty's was founded in 1996. Founder Scott Wise sold the company in 2016 to Due North Holdings LLC, an Arizona-based company.

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