Teacher of the Week: Amanda Johnston

Teacher of the Week: Amanda Johnston

Meet AMANDA JOHNSTON — Rantoul raised and Rantoul employed, as a second-year full-time third-grade teacher at Eastlawn Elementary School.

"The reason why I'm here is that I grew up in Rantoul," she said. "I just really wanted to give back to my town. Growing up, I had a lot of teachers who invested in their town and in their classrooms and in their community."

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Other educators who inspire me include ... this woman I went to church with — she was one of the other third-grade teachers and she would check in on me at church, really encouraging me to take school seriously. I wasn't one of her students but she still cared for me.

On my list of favorite topics to teach is ... social-emotional stuff: what is fairness, how to be kind, how to be responsible, how to treat people and how you should be treated — they're life skills in some ways. I also really like math. I really enjoy it and I don't know why.

One of the most rewarding things about teaching is ... seeing my students go on, which also is the most devastating. It's something no one prepares you for. I teach third grade, so some of them are still here in fourth grade; seeing them grow up and be the awesome people they are is really awesome. You plant the seeds and you wait to see what happens.

The thing I couldn't do my job without is ... my other staff. I really feel like we're a family and like I can trust the other teachers I plan and work with. I honestly don't think I could do my job without them. We all want the best for our students — that's our common ground and we all have different ways for getting them there.

Outside of school, you can find me ... staying pretty busy. I go to church and I do their TNT program on Wednesday nights. I have a Girl Scout troop on Thursdays. I'm not a Rotary member, but my mom is; I volunteer with them occasionally. I'm a big believer in giving back.

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