Would-be sale set up online leads to robbery, gunfire in Urbana

Would-be sale set up online leads to robbery, gunfire in Urbana

URBANA — A would-be sale of electronics and leather luxury goods set up through the internet went bad Wednesday night, resulting in gunfire that drew a heavy police response in southeast Urbana.

Police Lt. Rich Surles said a 25-year-old Danville man told police he had traveled to Urbana to sell an iPhone, an Apple watch, an MCM leather belt and an MCM bag to a person with whom he had connected on social media.

Surles said residents of the apartment complex in the 2000 block of South Philo Road reported hearing an argument between two men outside that escalated into a physical fight.

Surles said at least one person was on the phone with 911 about 8 p.m. reporting what was being seen and heard when a shot was fired near a car and a man was seen running away.

Several officers responded. After talking to the man who remained, officers learned he was there to sell the items and that the would-be buyer produced a gun and demanded them for free. The two struggled, and the gun went off in the course of the fight.

The man who ran off also got away with the phone, watch and belt but not the bag, Surles said.

No one was injured and police have not yet found the robber.

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