Prosecutor dismisses charges from 2018 shooting

Prosecutor dismisses charges from 2018 shooting

URBANA — A Champaign County prosecutor Monday dismissed attempted murder and aggravated battery with a gun charges lodged against a Champaign man after the victim in the case balked.

Reonte Williams, 19, who listed an address in the 300 block of East Church Street, had been scheduled to have a jury trial before Judge Tom Difanis, but Assistant State's Attorney Christopher McCallum dismissed the case.

McCallum's supervisor, Chief Criminal Deputy Attorney Troy Lozar, said that in light of the reluctance of the victim of the June 15, 2018, shooting to testify against Williams, as well as "problems" with some other witnesses, the state felt it couldn't prove its case against Williams.

Williams was arrested in early July for a shooting that had occurred two weeks earlier in the 300 block of East Hill Street in Champaign.

Champaign police said the then-18-year-old victim and Williams reportedly had an ongoing dispute and that Williams allegedly shot the man at close range several times as the man ran from him. The victim flagged down police who were in the area, and they took him to Carle Hospital.

A court-authorized search of Williams' home turned up handguns and ammunition.

"Despite significant efforts by investigators and the crime lab, forensics in this case returned as insufficient to bridge the necessary gaps to prove the case," Lozar said.

Also, Lozar said, the shooting victim was charged with a misdemeanor weapons offense on Feb. 28 in a case that is pending.

"As always, the state must proceed based on the evidence it has available. A lack of cooperation by civilian witnesses can make it difficult or impossible to do so," Lozar said.

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