Top of the Morning, May 19, 2019

Top of the Morning, May 19, 2019

Bill Taylor's last day as principal at the Champaign elementary school he attended as a student — South Side — will be in June, long after the kids have left for the summer. That's a good thing.

"I don't want everyone to see a grown man cry," he said. "I love South Side."

Taylor grew up on John Street, less than a block from the school that hasn't changed much since those days.

"When I was a student way way back, our PE teacher, Mr. Hunt, would always have us 'Line up on the yellow line! My FAAAAAVORITE yellow line!'" Taylor said when asked about his favorite memory. "The way Mr. Hunt delivered those instructions was priceless."

Tied with Central's Joe Williams as the longest-serving principal in Unit 4, Taylor will be over par on the golf course when South Side's long-overdue renovations are completed.

"The new building is going to be beautiful," he said. "It will be a great place to learn and grow, while holding on to our 'old' culture and climate."

For our 2011 Answer Book, Taylor opened up about his role as a 'Townie,' showing us his picture as a South Side student (left).

He returned to the school as principal in 2008.

His secret for lasting 11 years?

"No secret: Surround yourself with great people," he said. "The faculty and staff at South Side is a group of the finest educators with which I have ever had the pleasure of working. They do amazing things."

This is "YouthFit Shoes" in the summer of 1975. South Side Principal Bill Taylor is third from left in top row. 

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