Germany shelves Nazi crimes probe of U.S. man

DAVID RISING, Associated Press

Beijing selected to host 2022 Winter Olympics


Zimbabwe: American lion killer's extradition being sought

FARAI MUTSAKA, Associated Press

Senate passes 6-year highway bill, short-term patch needed

JOAN LOWY, Associated Press

Lawyer: No charge yet for 2nd Zimbabwe lion killing suspect

FARAI MUTSAKA, Associated Press

Confederate flags placed at Ebenezer church near MLK Center

KATE BRUMBACK, Associated Press

Cincinnati cop pleads not guilty to murder in traffic stop

LISA CORNWELL, Associated Press
DAN SEWELL, Associated Press

Malaysian premier: Plane debris to be sent to center for European aviation

GREG KELLER, Associated Press
SYLVIE CORBET, Associated Press

Will the Internet listen to your private conversations?

MICHAEL LIEDTKE, AP Technology Writer

Man accused in lion death says he thought hunt was legal

BRIAN BAKST, Associated Press
AMY FORLITI, Associated Press