UK cybersecurity chief: Oversight of Huawei is working

LONDON (AP) — British government oversight of Huawei has proven it can flag up security problems, the head of its cybersecurity agency said Wednesday, suggesting he doesn't think the Chinese company needs to be banned from supplying mobile networks.

Feds share terrorist watchlist with 1,400 private groups

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) — The federal government has acknowledged that it shares its terrorist watchlist with more than 1,400 private entities, including hospitals and universities, prompting concerns from civil libertarians that those mistakenly placed on the list could face a wide variety of hassles in their daily lives.

French rally against anti-Semitism

PARIS (AP) — French residents and public officials from across the political spectrum geared up Tuesday for nationwide rallies against anti-Semitism following a series of anti-Semitic acts, including the swastikas painted on about 80 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery overnight.

Alabama woman who joined Islamic State seeks return to U.S.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama woman who left home to join the Islamic State after becoming radicalized online realized she was wrong and now wants to return to the United States, a lawyer for her family said Tuesday.

AP source: FBI had backup plan to save Russia probe evidence

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI developed a backup plan to protect evidence in its Russia investigation soon after the firing of FBI Director James Comey in the event that other senior officials were dismissed as well, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions.

Poll: Rural/urban political divisions also split suburbs

DENVER (AP) — America's suburbs are today's great political battleground, long seen as an independent pivot between the country's liberal cities and conservative small towns and rural expanse.

Jailed Citgo execs in limbo amid Venezuela turmoil

HOUSTON (AP) — A faint voice comes through the crackled phone line. On the other end, Tomeu Vadell, speaking from a military counterintelligence prison in Venezuela's capital, asks his daughters in Louisiana whether they've gone to church and says he plans to spend his Sunday doing pushups to keep his body and spirit intact.

Trump moving closer to creating Space Force

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is moving closer toward his goal of creating a Space Force, but it won't begin as a separate military branch as he envisioned.

UPDATE: West Virginia House tables bill that prompted teacher strike


CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — This time the teachers' strike was only hours old when lawmakers acted.Just as the strike began Tuesday, the West Virginia House of Delegates effectively killed a complex education bill that sent state teachers to the picket lines nearly a year after a nine-day strike closed schools.

Efforts aimed at evacuating civilians from IS area

AL-OMAR OIL FIELD BASE, Syria (AP) — A spokesman for a U.S.-backed Syrian force fighting the Islamic State said Tuesday a military operation aimed at ousting the extremists from their last remaining area in eastern Syria will commence after separating or evacuating civilians holed up with them.