West Wing in turmoil with staff exits; no chaos, Trump says

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump once presided over a reality show in which a key cast member exited each week. The same thing seems to be happening in his White House.

Intel official: Russia, China seek fast, futuristic weapons

WASHINGTON (AP) — The top U.S. defense intelligence official said Tuesday that it's not just Russia but China too that is seeking faster, futuristic weapons to challenge America's know-how of state-of-the-art military technology.

Davis: Democrats 'are the ones who shut down the government'

WASHINGTON — Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, said a government shutdown that began at midnight Saturday was a political message — “not a coincidence” — on the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency.

This is the first time that a shutdown has occurred when one party holds majorities in both houses of Congress and controls the presidency.

Recent UI graduate fighting to keep his Dream alive

With his newly minted bachelor's degree, University of Illinois graduate Jaime Nolasco has big plans: Apply to law school, become a public interest attorney and work for a nonprofit where he can make a difference.

But his future depends on lawmakers in Washington, D.C., reaching some sort of compromise on immigration.

Trump celebrates tax win, but some fear backlash

WASHINGTON (AP) — A triumphant President Donald Trump and jubilant fellow Republicans celebrated the passage of their $1.5 trillion tax overhaul Wednesday as a "historic victory for the American people." The American people, however, will need some convincing.

Duckworth: 'I do have some real concerns' with GOP tax plan

CHAMPAIGN — Although she said she hadn't seen the details of the Republican tax plan, Sen. Tammy Duckworth said Friday that she believed it wasn't fair to small- and medium-sized businesses and middle-income families.

GOP senator: Wealthy invest, others spend on booze or women

WASHINGTON (AP) — A top Republican senator is defending GOP efforts to reduce the hit to the wealthy from the federal estate tax because it helps those who invest rather than people who spend their money on "booze or women or movies."

Jim Dey: Still no arrest in Locksley case

Nearly two months after the murder of a onetime Centennial High School football star and son of a former Illini football coach, police in Maryland remain baffled by the case.

Gunman opens fire on Texas church, killing at least 26 people

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (AP) — A man opened fire inside of a church in a small South Texas community on Sunday, killing more than 20 people and wounding at least 10 others before being killed or killing himself, authorities said.

A year after election, local experts weigh in on Trump's presidency

Three-hundred sixty-two days, 2,148 @realDonaldTrump tweets, two heated health care showdowns and one Anthony Scaramucci ago, we in the so-called fake news media got it all wrong.

The history-making election that most pundits predicted would end with the first woman moving into the Oval Office instead ended with the first ex-reality TV host becoming commander in chief.