Hopkins finishes six months in space


Mike Hopkins has got to be tired.

By the time he returned to Earth on Monday night, the NASA flight engineer and former Illini football captain had logged more than 70.4 million miles, orbiting the planet 2,656 times.

Family of new citizens

Alan Hansen, his wife Jan and their children Ricky and Amy were part of a group of 50 people from 24 countries who became citizens in the morning ceremony with United States Magistrate Judge David G. Berhthal during a Naturalization ceremony at the Federal Courthouse in Urbana Friday February 28, 2014.

UI Labs wins $70 million grant for manufacturing institute

CHICAGO — UI Labs, a nonprofit research and development organization led by the University of Illinois, has landed a major federal grant that promises to spur innovation and rebuild manufacturing in the Midwest.

Lawmakers have varying opinions on State of the Union speech

A local Republican Congressman said there's a lot to agree with the President on in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, but he added that the address was more about politics than anything else.

Former UI colleagues show support for Fu

The University of Illinois scientist walked into Paul Magelli's business consulting office and handed him a piece of paper with an algebraic equation.

As he tells it, Magelli looked at the equation and said, "I know math, but I don't know this level math. What does it do?"

The scientist, computer expert Ping Fu, told him, "It makes things perfect."

Transcript of Obama's speech at Mandela memorial

Here is a transcript, provided by the White House, of remarks by President Obama at the memorial service in Johannesburg, South Africa, for Nelson Mandela.

Health insurance site going offline Saturday night

WASHINGTON (AP) The troubled health insurance website is going offline until Sunday morning.

The Health and Human Services Department says a technology team will be working on, so people won't be able to apply or enroll through the site.

The site will be down from about 9 p.m. Saturday to about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Florida executes man for Illinois woman's 1986 murder

STARKE, Fla. (AP) — Florida has executed 51-year-old William Happ for the 1986 rape and strangulation of a woman he encountered by chance in a convenience store parking lot.

Florida bullying case: Girls aged 12 and 14 charged

JENNIFER KAY, Associated Press
MIKE SCHNEIDER, Associated Press

Durbin: more moderates needed to end shutdown, debt ceiling debates

Illinois' Senior Senator said he's hopeful that more lawmakers will break ranks and vote to end the partial government shutdown and also to raise the debt limit.

Democrat Dick Durbin pointed to his fellow Illinois lawmaker, Republican Senator Mark Kirk, who recently said he would vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Durbin said more of that type of attitude is needed.