Bangladesh collapse survivor rescued after 17 days

SAVAR, Bangladesh (AP) — A seamstress buried for 17 days in the wreckage of a collapsed garment factory building in Bangladesh was rescued Friday, a miraculous moment set against the unimaginable horror of the more than 1,000 bodies recovered so far.

Blue Cross merger plan clears state hurdle

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A proposed merger between the nation's fourth-largest health insurer and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana is now in the hands of a former state Supreme Court justice.

Fallout for states rejecting Medicaid expansion

Editor's note: Here's a series of graphics from The Associated Press explaining and exploring the law's changes. 

Enthusiast Tilda Swinton: Everyone at Ebertfest cut from same cloth

With the movie “Julia,” director Erik Zonca and lead actress Tilda Swinton wanted to make a film about an alcoholic who’s interesting.

“Like the ones I know,” Swinton said after the 2008 movie was shown on Friday night at the 15th annual Roger Ebert’s Film Festival at the Virginia Theatre.

Sheriff: 5 snowboarders killed in Colorado avalanche

GEORGETOWN, Colo. (AP) — Five snowboarders were killed Saturday afternoon in a backcountry avalanche on Colorado's Loveland Pass, authorities said.

Across America, a week of chaos, horror -- and hope


Boy Scouts propose to lift gay ban for youth

DAVID CRARY,AP National Writer

Attorney: Man denies mailing suspected ricin

ADRIAN SAINZ,Associated Press

HOLBROOK MOHR,Associated Press

Gun control backers: Senate defeat won't stop us

ALAN FRAM,Associated Press

DAVID ESPO,Associated Press

Transcript of White House press conference on background checks

A transcript, provided by the White House, of remarks after the Senate defeated a bill requiring expanded background checks for gun purchases. Mark Barden, whose son was killed in a shooting in December at a school in Connecticut, spoke first: