Who´s in the kitchen?

SPRINGFIELD - The state has not hired a corrections food service supervisor since September 2001, leaving nearly 150 vacancies in one of the most critical areas of the state's prisons.

Bill targets county board elections

SPRINGFIELD - Multimember district county boards, like those in Champaign and Vermilion counties, could opt to elect members through cumulative voting under a bill the Illinois House approved Thursday.

Scholarship ban a step closer

SPRINGFIELD - A bill to ban the controversial General Assembly scholarship program cleared its first hurdle Thursday but still faces some fierce opposition from lawmakers who say it helps students who could not otherwise afford college.

Illinois school-funding reform surfaces again

SPRINGFIELD - While admitting that it may not be politically attractive, Education Funding Advisory Board Chairman Robert Leininger told a Senate panel Tuesday that drastic and expensive reforms are needed in the state's system for funding education.

Local lawmakers hit hardest by ticket ban

SPRINGFIELD - Area legislators must sacrifice the most under Gov. Rod Blagojevich's order to ban a popular perk of office: free tickets to Illini games.

Blagojevich seeks school control

SPRINGFIELD - Gov. Rod Blagojevich is calling for a new budget procedure that could allow him to cut funding for individual jobs and line-item expenses from university budgets before approving them.

UI president calls for higher faculty salaries

CHICAGO - Unless faculty salaries at the University of Illinois can remain competitive with salaries at private universities, students will no longer be able to get the same quality education at the UI as at a private school, said UI President James Stukel.

UI trustees select new chairman

CHICAGO - One of the University of Illinois' new trustees wasted no time getting involved.

Governor naming new UI trustees

SPRINGFIELD - Two lawyers and the owner of an engineering firm, all from the Chicago area, are expected to be appointed today to the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.

UI trustees set to review tuition levels

CHICAGO - State appropriations to the University of Illinois have been shrinking. Faculty numbers numbers are down, but the number of students has been steadily rising.