Amazing Grace: Inspired by dad's situation, daughter pushes through state legislation

GIBSON CITY — Wherever she turned, it seemed, people tried to lower Grace Lattz's expectations.

You're so young. Well, you can try. Don't expect too much.

Then 15 years old, she remembers hearing the same phrases over and over as she ran around the Capitol in Springfield with her self-made business cards, setting up appointments with lawmakers' schedulers and talking to doormen.

Peoria firm bid $7,586 to win salvage rights to Burnham Mansion, other buildings

CHAMPAIGN — Peoria Architectural Salvage will be paying the Champaign school district $7,586 for the right to remove items that can be salvaged in four houses being demolished to make way for a larger Central High School campus.

Prosecutors: Brendt Christensen's defense on improper 'fishing expedition'

URBANA — Lawyers for accused kidnapper and killer Brendt Christensen are seeking information on whether the Chinese president talked about the case with President Donald Trump during his trip to China in November, according to prosecutors.

Sale of Champaign County Nursing Home delayed at least until late October

URBANA — A planned sale of the Champaign County Nursing Home is being delayed until after a state hearing process later this year.

UI trustees approve law school for Chicago campus

URBANA —  After two years of talks, University of Illinois trustees Thursday approved a merger between the University of Illinois Chicago and the private John Marshall Law School.

Church still waiting on reward for Pendleton case tip

EDDYVILLE — Two days after John Kunath told police he believed Dracy Pendleton had broken into his church, the man who shot a Mahomet police officer was spotted near the church cemetery and died in a gunfight.

Two years later, Kunath, 74, has yet to receive a penny of the FBI's $10,000 reward or the Champaign County Crime Stoppers' $1,000 reward, and he doesn't understand why.

Supreme Court vacancy: Prepare for a game-changer, experts say

Weigh in: Submit a letter to the editor

In this partisan-as-ever country we call home, there's one thing even the far, far left and far, far right agree on.

Spotting trouble: Volunteers carry a heavy load when weather turns severe

While most people retreat inside during severe-storm alerts, Robert Russian jumps in his pickup in search of bad weather, especially tornadoes.

Family, friends gather to replace roof on cancer-stricken Buckley man's home

BUCKLEY — Dozens of family members and friends of a dying Buckley man turned their feelings of helplessness into action Saturday.

"It's been overwhelming," Linda Marquis said more than once as she surveyed the folks who turned out to put a new roof on the home of her son and daughter-in-law. In this Iroquois County village of about 560, almost everyone knows each other.

Tom Kacich | Gov. Rauner's words bolster nagging fears about DPI

Editor's note: An earlier version of this column included an incorrect ranking for the UI's College of Engineering. U.S. News & World Report ranks the UI's overall graduate program ninth nationally, not 11th, as it appeared in a quote in the original story.