Gov. Rauner at Clinton High School

Gov. Bruce Rauner visited Clinton High School Wednesday to sign the Future Energy Jobs bill — legislation that keeps the Clinton nuclear power plant open for at least 10 more years.

Rauner assist nudges energy bill toward House vote

SPRINGFIELD — With an assist from Gov. Bruce Rauner, a multimillion-dollar deal that raises electric rates, saves jobs at two nuclear plants, provides more money for energy conservation programs and preserves Illinois as a leader in clean energy inched closer to a House floor vote.

House panel backs energy bill, but changes likely

SPRINGFIELD — A far-reaching bill that would increase electric rates throughout Illinois was approved by a House committee Tuesday and could get a floor vote today or Thursday.

Tate: Rough past has sweet ending for Cubs fans

“Wait ‘til next year!”

East of Memorial Stadium, the four words best chronicling the past life of a beleaguered Cubs fan are scrolled across the bottom of Brian Silverman’s tombstone.

He wasn’t even a North Sider, having moved from the West Side into White Sox territory before taking his legal practice to Champaign-Urbana.

Tate: Chalk up Cubs' win as greatest

Cease the arguments. There’s no doubt.

Wednesday night’s epic 8-7 triumph by the Cubs is undeniably the “greatest baseball game ever played.” Period.

Actually, there have been thousands of comparable extra-inning thrillers over the decades. But with a century-plus buildup of Cubs frustration, nothing quite stacks up with this World Series Game 7.

Jim Dey: That's the ticket, Cubs fans, courtesy of Mr. Max

Interested in seeing the Broadway hit "Hamilton" on Saturday night in Chicago?

Mr. Max has plenty of tickets for sale, and he is starting to have doubts about whether he'll sell them.

"I've got 60 tickets for Saturday. But I wonder if anyone wants to see it," he said. "There's only one game in town right now — the Cubbies."

Tate: Cubs look set for great present, future

Cubs fans are baring their souls and investing tears — plus family savings, if you purchase via Stubhub — into their erstwhile Lovables this week.

Dey: Judges' affair something for voters to remember

Love is supposed to be a many-splendored thing — but it's not always.

One exception to that general rule is being played out in McLean County, where Scott Drazewski is running uphill in a battle to retain his circuit judgeship.

Chief Justice wants to see high court at UI

CHAMPAIGN -- If Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita Garman has her way, proceedings for the state's highest court could happen on the University of Illinois' campus.

The Danville native has taken the Supreme Court's proceedings on the road throughout the state, something she hopes continues after her term as Chief Justice ends next month.

Partisan court blocks Independent Map Amendment

CHICAGO — A divided Illinois Supreme Court narrowly ruled Thursday that a voter referendum seeking to change how Illinois draws political boundaries is unconstitutional, making it ineligible to appear on the November ballot.