The Reluctant Townie: Eclipse viewer for sale

I suppose I should pay more attention to the rotational idiosyncrasies of our solar system, because last week's Great American Eclipse took me by surprise.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 24, 2017

On Monday's front page, we asked in big, bold type where you'd be at the peak of the solar eclipse (1:20 p.m.).

BARBARA LILLYMAN showed us where, sending this tweet:

For area students, eclipse 'a one-of-a-kind thing'

DANVILLE — Five, 15, even 50 years from now, Jaden Winters will be able to recall not only where he was when Monday's total solar eclipse took place, but also what he thought about it.

"It was amazing," the South View Upper Elementary School fifth-grader wrote in his "dashboard diary," shortly after he and his classmates viewed the rare natural phenomenon outside on the school's lawn.

Melissa Merli: Just outside Carbondale, sky was clear for totality

CARBONDALE — I don't feel different. My perspective on life and the universe hasn't changed.

Well, maybe it's shifted a bit, after I experienced the total eclipse of the sun on Monday. Mainly, it was a lot of cosmic fun, with 27 old and new friends in and around the backyard pool at my old friends Mark Brittingham and Kathy Pine's home 5 miles west of Carbondale.

Eclipse had local scientists busy collecting data

While the rest of us were gazing at the vanishing sun through our protective glasses, two teams of scientists from the Illinois State Water Survey were busy collecting weather data before, during and after Monday's solar eclipse.

Eclipse '17: The latest

As Melissa Merli sets up camp in Carbondale, we'll provide updates throughout what appears to be a cloudy Monday (submit your pictures - from school, from your backyard, from a watch party -

Tour of area crops finds drier weather will likely lower yields

CHAMPAIGN — Farmers were praying for rain at last week's Premier Cooperative crop tour results meeting. When they left, it was sprinkling.

But like most of the storms this summer, last week's rain was short-lived.

Safety, glasses concerns have area schools adjusting eclipse plans

Champaign's Unit 4 and other area school districts are changing the solar-eclipse activities they had planned for Monday because of safety concerns, including whether their glasses for students and staff are the real deal.

Top of the Morning, Aug. 19, 2017

Adjusting schedules because of an eclipse, like many schools are doing Monday, has been going on for years. In a nod to TOM KACICH's daily history items, here's what The News-Gazette reported on July 21, 1963, the day after an afternoon eclipse.

Eclipse on the menu at next 'Astronomy on Tap'

URBANA — If you want to brush up on your solar-eclipse facts — and maybe pick up a pair of eclipse glasses — here's your chance.

The ongoing "Astronomy on Tap" informational series continues today with a session devoted to Monday's big event.

It's scheduled for 6 to 7 p.m. at Pizza M, 208 W. Main St., U.