Champaign voters to cast primary ballots

Voters on Tuesday will select six at-large candidates for Champaign City Council from nine candidates on the primary ballot. Polling places will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Polling places include:

Champaign 2: Alan G. Ryle Companies, 4102 Belmont, C.

Danville officials gear up for primary

DANVILLE – Be it a city, state or national election, Danville resident Margaret Bartos always casts a ballot.

"What's the point of being a citizen of the U.S. if you don't vote? You have to voice your opinion," Bartos said.

Official calling for state probe of electricity costs

SPRINGFIELD – Swamped by complaints about Ameren's new electric rates, state Rep. Chapin Rose, R-Mahomet, wants the attorney general and the Illinois Commerce Commission to investigate whether consumers were misled.

He planned to make the announcement at a news conference this afternoon.

Rantoul crime victims get assistance

RANTOUL – Victims of domestic violence and other crimes in Rantoul now have somebody to turn to for help.

Kennette Harris, 28, of Champaign, began working last week at the Rantoul Police Department and at the Community Service Center of Northern Champaign County as a victim services coordinator.

Museum to offer tips on preserving heirlooms

Dust off that painted vase, dig up those videotapes and pull out Great-Grandma's quilt.

Area residents are invited to take their family heirlooms to the Spurlock Museum this Saturday to learn how to better preserve them.

The molecular sound of silence

When we hear something, sound waves entering our inner ear are vibrating a thin membrane and stimulating hair cells that trigger nerve impulses to the brain for interpretation.

Is it Mozart or is it Megadeth?

DACC trustees to discuss small tuition increase

DANVILLE – Starting this summer, it may cost a little more to attend Danville Area Community College.

The Board of Trustees will discuss a slight tuition increase at its meeting on Tuesday.

Affordable housing key to Rantoul as migration destination

Martin McDonald grew up in the public housing projects of East Chicago Heights, had a career in the Air Force and retired to Rantoul.

"I love it here, and I would never want to live any place else," the 53-year-old said.

Rantoul: Not your father's village

Thirty years ago, Connie Franzen of Rantoul would turn on her radio each morning to 1460-AM to hear about last night's Rantoul high school basketball game, the upcoming dance at the Armed Services YMCA and the big sidewalk sale at the downtown Rantoul shops.

Today, that same radio station is all Latino all the time. Spanish music. Spanish-speaking reporters with community news.

DNA test detects low-level uranium

Yi Lu and his colleagues, who already showed how synthetic DNA molecules could be used to detect toxic lead at very low levels, have now turned the technique to detecting radioactive uranium in tiny amounts.

Their DNA sensor can detect traces of uranium contamination nearly 3,000 times lower than the level considered hazardous to human health, the UI chemistry professor said recently. The technology eventually might be contained in a fast and easily portable on-site testing system for uranium.

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