Enrollees get 2 chances to pick 'right' health plan

SPRINGFIELD — State employees and retirees who don't like the health insurance choices they make by the new June 17 enrollment deadline are going to get a second chance later in the year.

Graphic designer digs in quickly and learns on the fly as she plans fruit farm

MONTICELLO — Fresh manure, 1-year-old manure or really well-aged manure?

Terry Neutz Hayden needed to fertilize the new beds where she would plant blueberry and raspberry bushes and strawberries, and she was faced with a dilemma.

Who knew there were so many different kinds of manure?

Urbana crime by the numbers

Southeast Urbana crime raises concerns

URBANA — Crime in southeast Urbana is "like a wave coming in," resident Pat Johnson says.

He moved to the area in the mid-1990s to raise his children, and just 15 years ago or so, he did not worry about break-ins or beatings.

Add glass to list for Danville recycler

DANVILLE — Web Innovations Technology Inc. in Danville is now accepting glass for recycling from both residents and businesses in Vermilion and surrounding counties.

The company, familiarly known as WITS, has been taking computer equipment and other electronics, plus newspapers, books and magazines, office paper, plastic, cardboard, tin and aluminum for some time.

Map awaits Quinn's signature, may face Republican court challenge

SPRINGFIELD — In less than eight hours, Illinois Democrats passed out of both houses a new map of House and Senate legislative districts aimed at strengthening their grip on state politics.

All that is needed now is the signature of Gov. Pat Quinn, also a Democrat. A legal challenge, though, is considered possible.

UI scientist worried over lack of compliance with Bt rules

Millions of acres of corn are being planted around the state, and many of those acres will be planted with Bt corn, genetically modified corn that can kill insects that otherwise could have reduced corn yields.

But a University of Illinois scientist is worried that not enough farmers are following environmental guidelines that come with planting such corn.

Woman sentenced to 8 years for ID thefts

URBANA — Patricia Castor of Mahomet fought back tears as she told a judge how her late mother lived in fear after her wallet was stolen by an employee of an Urbana hospital where she was a patient.

Within hours of her elderly mother's hospital admission in April 2008, Castor said, unauthorized charges were being made on her stolen credit cards.

Champaign man charged in sex abuse case

URBANA — A Champaign man accused of having sex with a teen is due back in court June 28.

Ricky Gadberry, 23, who listed an address in the 300 block of Stanage Avenue, Champaign, was arraigned Friday on a count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

Danville residents ask for crackdown on noisy nuisance

DANVILLE — 'Tis the season to cruise.

But if the volume of a car stereo can compete with a jet engine, it's noise, not music, according to Danville city ordinances, and police can fine drivers and tow their rides.