Champaign sheriff seeking help with July 6 hit-and-run

URBANA – Champaign County sheriff's investigators are looking for help solving a hit-and-run accident involving a bicyclist.

About 9:30 a.m. on Monday, July 6, a 62-year-old Savoy woman was hit as she rode her bike west on County Road 600 N near 950 E, near Tolono. After striking the woman, the vehicle continued traveling west without stopping. The woman was injured and required surgery on her elbow as a result of the accident.

Champaign council to study economic conditions

CHAMPAIGN – As the economic downturn slows down, council members will discuss ways to better understand the economy.

A group effort to analyze economic conditions is being done by local government, education and business officials, according to a memo from Craig Rost, deputy Champaign city manager for development, sent to council members.

DACC offering food-service classes at Village Mall

DANVILLE – Danville Area Community College's community education department is offering food-service and food-service renewal classes. Both courses will be held at DACC's Village Mall Education Center, 2917 N. Vermilion St., Danville. They will be taught by Carolyn Daniel.

The food-service course is designed to prepare food-service employees to meet the Illinois certification requirement. Topics covered include food-borne disease, facilities, equipment, personal hygiene and inspection techniques. An exam will be given on the last day of class.

Area TV stations not adding any more 'subchannels' yet

CHAMPAIGN – Area TV stations say they aren't planning to add more digital "subchannels" soon, even though they have the flexibility to do so.

When TV stations began broadcasting digitally, they gained the ability to divide their signal across several video subchannels or "feeds."

Danville to take bids to demolish former AT&T building

DANVILLE – City officials plan to seek bids soon for asbestos removal and demolition of the former AT&T building in hopes the deteriorating structure will be torn down later this fall.

"It must be done from a public safety perspective," said Mayor Scott Eisenhauer of the long-vacant two-story, 20,000-square-foot building that is barricaded on two sides to keep pedestrians away from falling debris and weakened walls. The dilapidated structure has a sizable hole in the roof. Eisenhauer said it can't go through another freeze and thaw cycle.

Indie-country singer Mattea to perform at UI Research Park

CHAMPAIGN – Indie-country singer Kathy Mattea would not use the word "proud" to describe her feelings about her Grammy-nominated album "Coal."

She'd rather say "astonished, thrilled and humbled."

For her, the discovery after decades in the music business, that simple songs – "if you get out of their way they can do their work and can be more than enough" – was a wonderful reminder at this point in her life.

More late-birthday kids waiting a year for kindergarten

Olivia Treakle has been practicing her letters at home, and she knows how to spell "dog."

She's looking forward to learning more words in kindergarten, and learning to read. But mostly she's excited about wearing her new pink and white gym shoes to school.

Sheriff enlists help of residents to keep rural areas safer

The Douglas County sheriff's department is developing a plan to help rural residents protect themselves and their property from crime and violence.

Sheriff Charlie McGrew is proposing a more extensive program to provide signs and crime prevention for rural businesses, farm lots and residences involved in the Rural Farm Watch program.

Central student misses junior year to fight ovarian cancer

CHAMPAIGN – How many teenage girls have ever had to do this?

On a winter morning six months ago, Bree Etheridge covered her bald head with a wig and set off to brave the halls of Champaign Central High School – minus her eyebrows and eyelashes and her body still puffy from medications.

Family of murder victim funding scholarship to UI

WELLINGTON – The family of a Chrisman man slain in his home almost two years ago has set up an endowment to fund a scholarship at the University of Illinois in his honor.

Marcia and Earl Prasse of Wellington, the parents of the late Mark Prasse, want students from a rural background with financial need who are interested in mechanical engineering to benefit from their legacy.