Police arrest Urbana man over theft from Salt & Light donation cans

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign police have arrested an Urbana man in connection with the theft of money from Salt & Light donation cans in at least five different locations.

Area east of I-57 faces severe storms Tuesday evening

A flash flood watch is in effect for virtually all of East Central Illinois, with saturated ground likely unable to hold the additional rain that's on the way.

Champaign man due back in court next week over drug charge

URBANA – A Champaign man found with suspected cocaine on him is supposed to be back in court next week with an attorney.

Boating banned on Middle Fork; rain could produce flash floods

Heavy rainfalls over the past few days have prompted state officials to ban boating on the Middle Fork River until further notice.

It's also prompted Vermilion County officials to caution residents about possible flash flooding in the southern part of the county, if it continues to rain Tuesday.

State counts 79 salmonella cases linked to Subway

The number of Salmonella cases connected to Illinois Subway restaurants continues to grow.

The Illinois Department of Public Health says there are now 79 confirmed cases of the rare Salmonella serotype Hvittingfoss, with the age range of the people who have been sickened after eating at a Subway ranging from 2-79.

Something new under the sun: Two solar arrays going up at offices in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN – Henneman Engineering is installing a solar panel array atop its offices at 1605 S. State St., C.

The array is part of an 11.25-kilowatt electric generating system, said Michael Henneman, the company's chief executive officer.

Champaign County Nursing Home consultant says things are on way up

URBANA – After several months of bad news, things are looking much brighter at the Champaign County Nursing Home, according to Michael Scavotto, the St. Louis area management consultant hired two years ago to turn around the facility.

Officials: Finding cause of Danville fire will take time

DANVILLE – Officials are still investigating the cause of a Friday afternoon fire that destroyed a warehouse building at Bob's Market and Greenhouse.

Microgrid in downtown Champaign up for discussion

CHAMPAIGN – Mike Royse of One Main Development plans to bring business and university representatives together Monday to discuss what kind of role a "microgrid" might play in Champaign-Urbana.