Students worry as officials consider raising tuition fees

DANVILLE – Hanging out with a classmate at Danville Area Community College's campus waiting for class to start, Julie Kinnick jokes about working full time but still having little money.

"Money's always tight," said Kinnick, who points to her aging, red Chevrolet as proof. The driver's-side door handle is broken, forcing Kinnick to get in and out from the passenger side. "This car's going to have to last for a while."

Keeping an eye on court security

URBANA – For almost 13 years, John Carleton of Broadlands has worked as a security officer at the Champaign County jail.

He was the fourth person to be hired specifically for courthouse security and now is a sergeant supervising a staff of 11 other officers, three bailiffs and three correctional officers who work in the control area in the basement of the 11-courtroom, three-story courthouse, which opened in May 2002.

Minister starts church from scratch

MONTICELLO – When David Stogsdill moved to Monticello six years ago, he only knew two residents.

These days, Stogsdill is the pastor of a congregation of 104 people worshipping in a new church building on Monticello's west side.

Champaign farmer taking applications for community -supported agriculture program

Champaign resident and farmer Bob Brackett is accepting members for his community-supported agriculture program.

In community-supported agriculture programs, consumers pay for produce upfront before the harvest season begins.

Illini reach round of 16 -- and good luck finding tickets

INDIANAPOLIS– Kenny Evert and Jen Doyle might want to try out for a MasterCard commercial. The two Illini fans from Minneapolis were sitting in the front row for Illinois' 71-59 win against Nevada in the NCAA tournament Saturday night, and they said their trip to Indianapolis was worth every penny.

"Let's see, we paid $500 for plane tickets, $340 for the hotel and another $200 or so on food, plus the tickets," said Doyle, a 1999 UI grad. "This is great."

Plethora of pictures inspires man to program

Most people who find themselves with tens of thousands of digital photos of the University of Illinois and no good way to organize such a big collection would lament the situation.

Kalev Leetaru decided to do something about it.

State lawmakers advance opposing gaming bills

The General Assembly seemed mighty conflicted this week when it came to gaming issues.

In the House, the state government committee voted 8-1 to shut down all riverboat gambling, while a Senate panel approved a gambling expansion package that would create three new casinos, including one to be owned by the city of Chicago.

Possible buyer plans to remodel Chancellor Hotel

CHAMPAIGN – A deal to sell the Chancellor Hotel property in Champaign and eventually redevelop the high-traffic corner of Kirby Avenue and Neil Street may be on the way.

An out-of-town development group that includes a local partner has an option on the property that was extended Thursday, with five days to execute a formal contract.

Officials: TB still a health concern

If you think tuberculosis is a health concern of bygone days, think again.

Once the leading cause of death in the United States until new medicines scaled back its threat, tuberculosis remains a "significant" health concern in Champaign-Urbana due to the constant shuffle of people moving in and out of the community through the University of Illinois, public health officials say.

Illinois, Kentucky rivalry plays out off court

INDIANAPOLIS – Illinois has its engineering school, accounting program and supercomputer reputation.

Kentucky has basketball.

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