Projects in area net state grants

It's a piece of land with quite the past.

What is now a fallow field in northeast Urbana was once a solid waste lagoon. Before that, it was farmland. And prior to being farmland, the Saline Branch of the Salt Fork River (before the river was straightened) used to meander through the area.

Champaign school officials address budget shortfall

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign school board members on Monday voted to issue working cash bonds to cover the district's shortfall and put an end to budget cuts that would threaten educational programs.

At a special meeting, the five board members attending voted unanimously to approve the plan to issue $6.3 million in bonds to generate $2.1 million in additional revenue each year for three years. The plan also includes restructuring and extending existing high-interest-rate debt to reduce interest.

UI's provost search winding down

URBANA – Two finalists for provost have visited the Urbana campus, and Chancellor Richard Herman plans to make a recommendation to fill the job by January.

Associate Chancellor Kathleen Pecknold, who worked with the provost search committee, said Herman intends to make his recommendation in time for the UI Board of Trustees to vote on it at the Jan. 19 meeting.

Rantoul panel changes focus for North Murray Road

RANTOUL – The Rantoul Plan Commission has decided it doesn't want commercial development on North Murray Road after all.

With more than 40 neighborhood residents opposed to the commercialization of the area on hand and after receiving a petition opposing commercial development signed by more than 50 residents, the Rantoul Plan Commission voted 5-2 to reverse a decision it made last month calling for making both sides of the road commercial property as part of Rantoul's 20-year comprehensive plan.

Danville lawyer agrees to three-year license suspension

DANVILLE – A Danville attorney has agreed to a three-year suspension of his license to practice law in response to an investigation by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.

In August, the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission filed five counts, alleging dishonesty and fraud, against Richard F. Kurth, 56, who practices law in Danville. The commission, created by the Illinois Supreme Court, regulates the practice of law in the state.

Researchers believe proteins' repeated trips along DNA strands useful

Motor protein molecules that move along single strands of DNA may serve a cleaning function on the basic genetic material, like a snowplow clearing an East Central Illinois road in the winter.

University of Illinois researchers have found that when the proteins, called helicases, hit a barrier in their path, an indication of a problem with the DNA, they repeatedly jump back to the beginning of their route and make the trip over.

Program allows students to take classes in their own communities

CHAMPAIGN – Melissa Creech was preparing to take her Parkland College respiratory care exams when a medical emergency threw her family into crisis.

"My husband had a brain aneurysm," said Creech, a Chrisman resident who attends Danville Area Community College. "We took him to Paris, then to Peoria. I didn't want to drop out, so a classmate took notes for me. My teacher set it up so I could go to the hospital's respiratory therapy department, and I took my tests there. The therapists there tried to recruit me."

As budgets tighten, school districts looking at variety of alternatives

ARCOLA – In late August, Arcola Superintendent Reggie Clinton mailed letters to four area schools about an emotionally charged topic: consolidation.

None of the four districts – Arthur, Mattoon, Oakland and Tuscola – has yet to express interest in starting informal, long-term discussions on merging. But their cold shoulder does not mean those districts are oblivious to the issue during this tight-budget time.

Power woes spark search for answers

When the power goes out at Barb Teterycz's house, she usually heads to her car and goes shopping.

Except the time of the brownout when the garage door opener malfunctioned and the door kept opening and closing.

Growth, stability of Champaign County convince banks to move into market

CHAMPAIGN – Thar's gold in them hills. And thar's banks in these flatlands – lots of 'em.

At the start of the year, 14 banks had 40 offices in Champaign, Urbana and Savoy – and that didn't count credit unions.

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