It's your business: Deli, Mediterranean restaurant to join C-U menu

McAllister's Deli, which opened its first Champaign-Urbana location on the University of Illinois campus earlier this year, will build its second restaurant at the corner of Champaign's Town Center and Moreland boulevards.

Jeff Eberle, the managing partner for the New Orleans-based franchisee Midwest Restaurant Concepts, said he hopes to have the new restaurant open by the end of the year or sometime in January.

Danville High's first exchange student back after 50 years

DANVILLE – It's been 50 years since Bjorn Elmer walked Danville High School's hallways as its first foreign exchange student.

When Elmer, a retired Swedish diplomat, returned on Friday, much had changed. The building had doubled in size, his favorite teacher's classroom was empty and the swimming pool he competed in was gone.

Pirok pleads guilty to driving under influence

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign City Council member Ken Pirok pleaded guilty Friday to driving under the influence, but had other traffic charges against him, including failure to report an accident and improper backing, dismissed.

Pirok was sentenced to 12 months of court supervision, fined $700 and must do 150 hours of community service work, according to the negotiated plea agreement that was approved Friday by Associate Judge Richard Klaus in Champaign County Circuit Court.

Boy who admitted to racist remark given probation

URBANA – A rural Champaign youth who admitted making a racist remark to a woman at the Hillel Foundation on campus last spring was sentenced Friday to 18 months of probation.

"We have enough conflict between religions, races and cultures in this world. We don't need any more," Champaign County Judge Harry Clem told the 16-year-old.

Mayor wants lower tax rate in Urbana

URBANA – Urbana Mayor Laurel Prussing said Thursday she will likely recommend to the city council that Urbana lower its property tax rate to match the city of Champaign's next year.

The move, if adopted by the council, would likely cost the city between $80,000 and $100,000 in property taxes, she said.

Provena Covenant loses decision on tax-exempt status

SPRINGFIELD – Provena Covenant Medical Center should have to pay its property taxes, the Illinois Department of Revenue announced at noon today.

The ruling on Covenant's tax-exempt status will seriously impact the Urbana hospital's bottom line and sets a precedent that could affect every nonprofit hospital in the state.

Sleepy Creek Winery feeling the squeeze

OAKWOOD – Dawn and Joe Taylor's business has been growing for four years now. But they haven't sold a single bottle of wine.

The Oakwood-area couple hopes to cork and label their first bottle of product soon, but their vineyard and winery sit in a dry township about 3 miles south of Oakwood in Catlin Township.

Program allows adults to fit school back into busy schedules

CHAMPAIGN – Sam Flowers always wanted to be a teacher, but he got sidetracked before he finished his degree.

Last year, Flowers heard about a Millikin University program for adults who want to earn teaching degrees while they're working, a program also starting Oct. 2 on the Parkland College campus.

Grant will help UI library plan how preserve audiovisual items

In the early 1950s, anthropologist Oscar Lewis traveled to a small village in northern India to document life there.

Not only did he jot down notes and snap photographs of the residents, Lewis also sat down and talked with them about everything from their local festivals to family planning.

Boy died of smoke inhalation

CHAMPAIGN – An autopsy done on a toddler who died in a house fire in Champaign Monday showed he died of smoke inhalation.

Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said a pathologist Wednesday found soot in the lungs of Demetrius Lenard, 3, of 1313 Hedge Road.