Rental registration vote pushed back in Urbana

URBANA – Rental registration is off the fast track in Urbana.

Mayor Laurel Prussing said Thursday that plans to have a council vote on rental registration on Oct. 2, with implementation to occur on Oct. 15, have been pushed back.

Chanute commission gets look at environmental, structural problems

RANTOUL – The members of Rantoul's newest governmental body took a bus tour of the former Chanute Air Force Base on Thursday.

And no, the group wasn't sightseeing.

Busey, Main Street banks plan merger

CHAMPAIGN – The parent companies of Busey Bank and Main Street Bank & Trust plan to combine in what's being called a "merger of equals."

The resulting company will be called First Busey Corp., and the resulting bank will be known as Busey Bank, with its headquarters at 100 W. University Ave., C, the chairmen of both local banking-based companies said today.

Wolfram co-founder breathes new life into Periodic Table

If somebody was going to make a work of art of that periodic table of the elements chart you may remember from your high school science classroom, Theodore Gray was the guy to do it.

Even if your high school's chart was in color, it probably wasn't much to look at, with its staid grid of letters abbreviating, and numbers denoting the atomic weight of, all the elements from actinium to zirconium.

Petition dispute complicating election preparations

DANVILLE – Anyone in Illinois' 52nd Senate District voting absentee in this fall's election could get more than one ballot – maybe even three or more – in a worst-case scenario.

Election officials hope that's not the case.

Technology helps METCAD track cell calls

URBANA – Emergency calls on cell phones are now being tracked more precisely by 911 dispatchers in Champaign County.

Greg Abbott, 911 coordinator for the Metropolitan Computer-aided Dispatch service, said the agency handles all wireless calls in the county.

Hydrant checks find one valve not working

URBANA – An inspection of 150 fire hydrants this month by city firefighters found only one hydrant that did not work.

But Illinois American Water Co. disagrees, with a company official saying that all 150 hydrants inspected in Urbana were operational and available for fighting fires.

Center of debate

URBANA – Provena Covenant Medical Center is now fighting off two outpatient surgery center developments in Champaign-Urbana.

Late last month, dozens of Covenant supporters came to a state hearing to protest a proposed surgery center in Champaign that would be developed by Christie Clinic.

Judge orders board to add name to ballot

A Sangamon County judge handed Socialist Equality Party candidate Joe Parnarauskis a victory on Tuesday, ordering that his name be added to the November ballot.

"I'm very happy about it," Parnarauskis said. "We view it as a complete vindication."

Street construction project may reopen who-pays issue

CHAMPAIGN – The city's standards for replacing driveway approaches on street construction projects could become an issue again, this time on a project slated to begin soon on Lincolnshire Drive.

On that project, which could begin this week, the city plans to replace nine driveway approaches or aprons on the city right of way, while the approaches won't be replaced on 11 other driveways.