Danville panel to discuss changes to pawnbroker rules

DANVILLE – Pawnbroker licenses may be issued on a first-come, first-served basis under proposed changes to the city code on pawnbroker regulations.

The city council's public services committee will consider the changes Tuesday night.

Rash of burglaries reported in Danville

DANVILLE – One Danville business was robbed at gunpoint and seven others were hit by burglars in a rash of crime over the holiday weekend.

Police are still investigating an armed robbery that took place Friday night at Kmart.

Former teacher, now in jail, gives a living lesson

You don't have to spend much time with Mark Ohrnstein to find him likable, articulate and a potentially great salesman.

What's not so readily apparent about the 38-year-old father of three is that for most of his life he's been an accomplished liar, cheat and a thief, all in the name of fueling his addiction to alcohol and cocaine.

"I've been in jail long before I ever got here," Ohrnstein said, figuratively.

Lab analyzes gas samples from a world away

CHAMPAIGN – Champaign-based Isotech Laboratories had a problem.

The laboratories, which analyze gas samples for oil companies and other clients, were receiving an increasing number of samples from overseas.

Prepaid tuition program open for enrollment

SPRINGFIELD – College tuition costs for babies born this year are expected to reach $140,000 a year, but parents can lock in today's rates through the College Illinois! prepaid tuition program.

Grandparents and family friends also can purchase College Illinois! contracts for their favorite college-bound kids.

Future Illini's mother never rests while supporting her son

CHAMPAIGN – Jacqueline Frazier Jones has probably never sat and watched a football game in her life.

And she's seen a lot of football games.

Researchers' model helps design more productive plants

Designer soybeans and other plants that harvest the sun more efficiently to improve productivity are being developed by some University of Illinois researchers without growing anything, in soil anyway.

The better plants are sprouting in silicon microchips fertilized by a computer model that simulates every step of photosynthesis for the first time.

Photographers denied access to stadium field

CHAMPAIGN – Photographers from four Illinois newspapers were not allowed to take pictures from the field at the Illinois High School Association's state football championships this weekend.

Anthony Holman, assistant executive director for the IHSA, said photographers from the Bloomington Pantagraph, the Springfield State Register, the Arlington Daily Herald and the Crystal Lake Northwest Herald were not given field passes to cover the football championships, but were allowed into the pressbox or stands at the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium.

Tuscola fans cheer team despite their loss in state finals

CHAMPAIGN – As the final seconds ticked off the scoreboard clock Friday at Memorial Stadium, disappointed Tuscola fans continued to stand and applaud.

Their Warriors had fallen 35-7 to the Galena Pirates, but the Tuscola fans said they remained proud of their team.

Tolono's work tracking needs improvement

TOLONO – It's 10 a.m. Do you know where your employees are?

Tolono officials may soon have a better idea of exactly where village workers were and what they were doing at any given time.