Poll: Majority approve of Trump's North Korea effort

WASHINGTON (AP) — A majority of Americans now approve of President Donald Trump's handling of U.S. relations with North Korea, a change that comes after his historic summit with that country's leader, Kim Jong Un. But most don't believe Kim is serious about addressing the international concerns about his country's nuclear weapons program.

Lawyer: Feds unexpectedly drop charges against 17 immigrants

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A civil rights group attorney says federal prosecutors unexpectedly dropped misdemeanor charges against 17 adult immigrants who crossed the border with children.

Supreme Court: Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court says states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax.

The 5-4 ruling Thursday is a win for states, which said they were losing out on billions of dollars annually under two decades-old Supreme Court decisions that impacted online sales tax collection.

Trudeau: Canada to legalize marijuana on Oct. 17

TORONTO (AP) — Marijuana will be legal nationwide in Canada starting Oct. 17 in a move that should take market share away from organized crime and protect the country's youth, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.

Woman in Bali murder gives up claim to mother's estate

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago woman imprisoned in Indonesia for the 2014 killing of her mother has given up a claim to her mother's estate.

The Chicago Tribune reports the settlement agreed to by Heather Mack and filed earlier this month in Cook County Circuit Court is confidential. However, court records are clear Mack will not receive "any property, benefit, or other interest."

Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse

WASHINGTON (AP) — Immigrant children as young as 14 housed at a juvenile detention center in Virginia say they were beaten while handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells.

Trump defends his hard-line immigration policies to cheers

DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — Hours after reversing himself to end the forced separations of migrant families, President Donald Trump returned to the warm embrace of his supporters at a raucous rally to defend his hard-line immigration policies while unleashing a torrent of grievances about the media and those investigating him.

Orlando airport to scan faces of all international passengers

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Florida's busiest airport is becoming the first in the nation to require a face scan of passengers on all arriving and departing international flights, including U.S. citizens, according to officials there.

Days after buying Time Warner, AT&T launches new TV service

NEW YORK (AP) — AT&T is launching a new streaming service incorporating television networks from the Time Warner company it just bought.

Census: County's Asian population on the rise

Come 2035, the number crunchers at the Census Bureau report, history will be made: For the first time, there will be more people over age 65 (78 million) than under 18 (76.4 million) living in the U.S.