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Shea Ryan wrote on January 01, 2013 at 8:01 pm

I am heartbroken to learn of Gene's passing. I live in the apartment next door to his, but he was a friend, not just a neighbor. We spoke to each other almost every day, visited at least several times a month, and shared many long talks, about life, our health (or in both our cases, our dearth of 'good health'), family, and other issues. I can honestly say there are several instances where I owe Gene MY LIFE (or at least, my sanity) for helping me get through some painful challenges in my life this past year. I only wish I could have shared how much he meant to me, as a friend... but he was here, one cold December afternoon, and, the next moment, gone. We (everyone here at Cedar Circle) knew he was in the hospital, that night, for pneumonia, and were making plans to come visit him as he got better, hopefully by New Year's Day or the next...
Today is my birthday, New Year's Day.
And the apartment next to mine is cold, dark... and empty.

Asking Gene's family and friends to forgive me for imposing my thoughts here, as I am surely a 'stranger' to them...
But I am missing Gene SO BAD and I had nowhere else to go, no one else to 'talk to', tonight... ironically, if I was grieving a friend's death or illness, it was GENE who I would go to talk to, who would help me take a deep breath and move on. What do I do now, with it being Gene's passing that's breaking my heart, and he not being here for me to talk to about it?
I am so painfully aware of the EMPTINESS in the apartment next to mine...

Goodbye, dear Friend. Rest in peace and comfort now.
I will miss you, terribly...