Dan Corkery: Bridge to a new destination, and some fuel for thought

Late last month, I promised we would make more changes to our weather, comics, puzzle and stocks pages.

Over the last three weeks, we have done so. And no doubt, regular readers have noticed.

As a summary, here's what we've tweaked since we slimmed down our pages on June 19:

Weather: We restored the daily weather maps, along with national and world temperatures.

Hispanic women flock to the movie theater

CHICAGO — My family attended the first morning screening of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," which won last weekend's box office with a $73 million debut.

According to Lucas Shaw's recent article "Hispanic Women Are This Summer's Most Avid Moviegoers" on the entertainment news site TheWrap, we are propping up the movie industry.

Jim Dey: News cameras slowly appearing in Illinois courts

The tense, but businesslike, calm of the courtroom was shattered the moment Associate Judge Richard Klaus ordered a 42-month prison sentence for a defendant convicted of reckless homicide.

"Don't you know the man had an accident?" screamed the defendant's son, spewing insults and obscenities in Klaus' direction.

Jim Dey: Pension case pits irresistible force vs. immovable object

Two weeks ago, the Illinois Supreme Court appeared to drive a stake through the state's fiscal heart by ruling that health insurance benefits for retired public employees are pension-based and cannot be modified to save money.

What $3.7 billion could do for Chicago

CHICAGO — It is hard not to wonder what kind of impact $3.7 billion — the amount President Barack Obama has requested to deal with the child migrant border crisis — might have on the traumatized children of Chicago's South Side.

Jim Dey: Court ruling puts Illinois at dilemma's door

Nearly 40 years ago, then-President Gerald Ford made headlines when he announced the federal government would not bail New York City out of its desperate financial woes.

But one particular front-page headline was credited with costing Ford New York state's electoral votes in his extremely close 1976 race against Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Jim Dey: Ongoing battle

In politics, there are winners and losers. The winners maintain or expand their turf while the losers cede ground.

That's why the debate over the future of Springfield's Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has devolved into a fight that has as much or more to do with who runs it than about how well the library operates.

Dan Corkery: Time to vent over re-engineered gasoline cans

I'm ready to kick the can.

Not as in "down the road," but "to the landfill."

If you have not purchased a new gasoline can in the last five years, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. I know I was.

Poll shows governor's race could go either way

"Illinois is still a competitive state that leans Democratic in statewide elections," declares John Jackson, professor of political science at Southern Illinois University, based on a statewide survey he conducted recently.

Jim Dey: Time to make hard decisions on new school

With more questions than answers about a proposed tax hike to pay for school construction, Champaign schools Superintendent Judy Wiegand sometimes finds herself at a loss for words.

"I wish I could say more. But so much is up in the air right now," she said.

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