George Will: Setting rules for election debate

WASHINGTON — A simple apology would suffice. Instead, campaign-finance reformers, horrified by the predictable results of their handiwork, aspire to yet more regulatory wrinkles to limit political speech. These, too, would have consequences unintended and undesired by reformers, "requiring" a new round of reforms.

Jim Dey: Pot bill also establishes new DUI standard

Few legal issues have sparked more controversy locally than the reality of prosecuting motorists for aggravated driving under the influence when they're not actually under the influence.

Jim Dey: Bloom likely is off rose for 11 judicial interviewees

Hear more from Dey Wednesday at 10 on WDWS.

Here's a not-so-hypothetical hypothetical question.

Suppose you were among 25 candidates who applied for a prestigious job. Further suppose that you were among 11 people from the list of 25 who were told they would not be among 14 applicants receiving an interview.

Jim Nowlan: Will unions go on strike?

From my distant vantage point, I foresee as inevitable a first-ever strike in July by state of Illinois public employee unions.

Kathleen Parker: Who gets on stage?

WASHINGTON — Because so many Republicans want to be president — or at least pretend they do — debate organizers have decided to eliminate the least popular from the stage based on how they rank in the latest national polls.

Jim Dey: DUI statute cause for concern

When appeals court judges hurl a thunderbolt down from Mount Olympus, they're sending a message.

The problem is figuring out what it is.

Dan Corkery: The stories behind the names on the columns

As many people pay homage this weekend to those who have died, few will visit one of the state's grandest tributes to fallen warriors.

Memorial Stadium — dedicated to the 188 University of Illinois men and one woman who served in World War I and died — had a large crowd on commencement day a week ago. But this weekend, expect quiet.

George Will: Kaine's quest for war legitimacy

WASHINGTON — The Revolutionary War and Civil War ended in Virginia, which was involved, by the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, in the beginning of today's war with radical Islam. Now a Virginia senator is determined that today's war shall not continue indefinitely without the legitimacy conferred by congressional involvement congruent with the Constitution's text and history.

George Will: Death penalty on life support?

WASHINGTON — Without a definitive judicial ruling or other galvanizing event, a perennial American argument is ending. Capital punishment is withering away.

Jim Dey: Decision looming in Philip Morris case

The waiting has begun. And with $10.1 billion on the line, the tension should rise with each day that a decision is not rendered.

But despite the big bucks up for grabs, neither the lawyers nor the six justices on the Illinois Supreme Court showed much emotion at Tuesday's oral arguments in the case of Price vs. Philip Morris.