Quotes of the week June 15, 2013

Quotes of the week June 15, 2013

"I want all four years of college — I know I can't get them back. (Leaving early) is tempting sometimes late at night, but I kind of like being in Orange and Blue."

— Ashley Spencer, a University of Illinois track athlete and two-time NCAA outdoor 400-meter champion, explaining why she intends to remain in school rather than pursue opportunities to run for pay. The 20-year-old Spencer has two years of eligibility remaining, and her goal is to win two more titles.

"We are putting police officers in a much higher concentration in these areas. Anytime somebody uses a gun in one of our neighborhoods, especially in neighborhoods where there are children, that becomes a top priority for us."

— Deputy Champaign Police Chief Troy Daniels, discussing law enforcement's reaction to a string of drive-by shootings.

"They came in thin, dehydrated, hungry and full of intestinal parasites, and they are fat and healthy. They have been eating mice, rats, chicken and fish and are ravenous."

— Nicky Rosenhagen, student manager of the UI's Wildlife Medical Clinic, discussing the healthy status of two baby bobcats that were found in a freight train car in Tuscola. They've doubled in weight to 3.5 and 2.5 pounds. They will eventually be released into the wild.

"I honestly felt that pro baseball was the best decision for me. It's a better option long term because of the fact that in the contract, school will be paid for, and I'm surrounded by a great support system."

— Michael Hermosillo, a running back from Ottawa who had signed to play football at the UI. But Hermosillo, an outfielder, was recently drafted by the Los Angeles Angels and decided to sign the $100,000-plus contract the team offered.

"When I first bought this place (20 years ago), copper was worth 85 to 90 cents a pound. At its peak (around 2009), we were paying $3.50 a pound. Today, it's $2.70 a pound."

— Kenneth Mathis of Mack's Twin City Recycling, discussing the high price of copper that encourages thieves to steal the metal and try to sell it.

"It just feels like the campaign never ends."

— U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, discussing the decisions by Erika Harold of Urbana to challenge him in the March 2014 primary and Democrats to put him at the top of their hit list for the November 2014 general election.

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