Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

"What happened was unfortunate."

— Urbana Free Library Executive Director Debra Lissak, discussing what she called a "misstep" at the library that resulted in thousands of books being mistakenly thrown out, leaving gaping holes on the library shelves.

"It sounds crazy, but if you love books, maybe you'll understand. I was so, so upset."

— Urbana resident Desiree Yomtoob, speaking to members of the city council about how angry she was over the book error at the library.

"This is very much financially in the best interest of the district. It's not even a close call."

— Rick Manner, executive director of the Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District, discussing a proposal to sell 6.3 million gallons of treated wastewater per day to support a proposed fertilizer plant in Tuscola. The sale would bring in at least $2.3 million of additional revenue annually, but local environmentalists object, claiming it represents a threat to the water supply.

"I do not understand why I am being targeted. No Urbana employee has ever been terminated due to a reorganization. Something is very wrong here. I want to keep my job."

— Liz Walden, an accounting supervisor for the city of Urbana, protesting a decision by Mayor Laurel Prussing not to reappoint. Prussing had previously ousted Walden's husband, former city administrative officer Bruce Walden, from his position.

"Anywhere I go, I'm going to have to compete. I know that. I didn't leave (Oklahoma State) because I didn't want to compete."

— Wes Lunt, a 2011 News-Gazette Player of the Year who was a star quarterback at Rochester, expressing his desire to become the starting QB for the Fighting Illini. Lunt, the starting quarterback at OSU before he was sidelined by injuries, will be eligible in the 2014 season and have three years of eligibility.

"Please have mercy on Champaign-Urbana right now. Touch the lives and hearts and the young people who have guns and want to shoot each other. Move on to the streets, the alleys and in the cars and before they can pull the trigger, touch their hearts."

— The Rev. Rickey Parks, imploring God to end the recent string of shootings that have scarred north Champaign. Park spoke at a community prayer event at Douglass Park.

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