Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

"The public will be better served, and the taxpayers will be better served, because it will cost less money."

— Collins Fitzpatrick, federal court administrator for the 7th Circuit that includes Illinois, explaining why the federal bankruptcy court in Danville will be moved to the federal courthouse in Urbana. The bankruptcy court was the only federal court left in the mammoth U.S. Courthouse in Danville.

"It's about damn time. People here were clapping because we were the 50th (state to pass concealed carry). Great."

— State Rep. Chapin Rose, a Mahomet Republican, expressing relief that the General Assembly this week overrode Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto of a concealed carry gun law.

"I'm worried about the people of Illinois. And I always do what I think in my conscience is right for the people. I've always done that my whole life. That's what my mom and dad taught me."

— Gov. Quinn, explaining why he's taken stands unpopular with the Legislature, including his amendatory veto of the concealed carry law.

"Right now we have in our master bathroom five puppies and their beagle mom; in our kitchen, we have pens with a puppy and a mom and her three puppies; in our other bathroom, we have Misty, another terrier we rescued."

— Matthew Tarantino of Monticello, discussing the licensed kennel he and his wife, Lindsay Eckhardt, maintain in their home for rescued dogs. The couple operate Seven Petals Dog Rescue, which includes a 4,200-square-foot fenced-in yard where dogs can socialize.

"My parents and I were talking about it, and we felt that we really liked Illinois. We just felt like we could make a decision right now, so we did."

— Julian Hylton, a defensive back from Lincoln-Way North, explaining why he decided to commit now, rather than wait, to play football at the University of Illinois. Hylton is the ninth player to make an oral commitment to join the Fighting Illini's class of 2014.

"There just is not enough concern. We are very concerned about pensions. We are very concerned about marriage equality. We are very concerned about everything but these deaths that are occurring on a daily basis."

— State Rep. Monique Davis, who has called on Gov. Quinn to send the Illinois National Guard to Chicago in an effort to stop gun violence in the city.

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