Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

"We practiced all week a deep left kick from (Southern Illinois University). We just stayed patient. When they kicked it to the left, I just prayed to God to help me make a play."

— V'Angelo Bentley, a member of the Illini kick return team, discussing the prelude to his 100-yard kickoff return in a 42-34 win.

"It not only solidifies Kraft's future here, but it opens up the opportunities for Kraft to generate more employment yet."

— Bruce Knight, economic development director for the city of Champaign, discussing plans for Kraft to build a new 760,000-square-foot warehouse on the site of the old AC Humko plant if the city provides a $3.6 million subsidy. The proposed warehouse would cost roughly $38 million. The food company employs about 1,200 people in Champaign.

"I will be honored to help ensure that ESA serves as an effective voice of entomology as a science and that ESA remains uniquely useful to all insect biologists."

— University of Illinois entomologist May Berenbaum, commenting on her goal when she takes office in 2016 as the president of the Entomological Society of America. Among Berenbaum's many books is "Buzzwords: A Scientist Muses on Sex, Bugs and Rock 'n' Roll."

"Just because I'm a target (in the 2014 congressional election) doesn't mean that our family doesn't deserve a little bit of respect and privacy, too."

— U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis of Taylorville, objecting to a decision by members of the Service Employees International Union to go to his home to deliver a letter on the same day Davis was meeting with SEIU representatives in Hillsboro. The union members gave the letter to Davis' 13-year-old son, an action Davis characterized as an "intimidation" tactic.

"Look early. Look often. Verify. Verify. Verify."

— Champaign police Detective Pat Kelly, advising business owners to routinely examine their financial records as a means of preventing slippery operators from forging payroll checks and cashing them. Kelly said that bogus payroll checks written on local businesses are a fairly routine occurrence.

"Before I came here this weekend, I knew Illinois was where I wanted to be."

— Leron Black, a highly touted basketball recruit from Memphis, explaining why he decided to make an oral commitment to play basketball at the UI during his campus visit last weekend. Black also considered Baylor, Indiana and Tennessee. The 6-foot-7-inch, 215-pound forward is ranked among the nation's top 50 players in the Class of 2014.

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