Quotes of the week

Quotes of the week

"I don't want that deal."

Ryan Nibbe of Gibson City, rejecting an offer to plead guilty to second-degree murder in connection with the beating death of 44-year-old Timothy Robertson. Under the agreement, Nibbe would have been sentenced to no more than 14 years in prison. Instead, Nibbe will go to trial Jan. 14 in Ford County. He is expected to assert that he acted in self-defense.

"I felt like I was ready. It takes pressure off my back, too, and I can have a more fun season and try to win another state championship."

D.J. Williams, a junior basketball star at Chicago's Simeon High School, explaining why he decided to make an early commitment to play for John Groce at the University of Illinois. A 6-foot-7 forward and a highly ranked recruit, Williams is the first member of the UI's recruiting class of 2015.

"I mean people were shouting my name, and it was absolutely wonderful that they knew. ...me."

UI senior Tatyana McFadden, after winning the New York City Marathon women's wheelchair race. The 24-year-old McFadden's win completed an unprecedented marathon "Grand Slam." She won similar marathons in Boston, London and Chicago this year.

"One could conclude, tongue in cheek, that women are more responsible than men. It appeared to go across races that women respond in a better fashion than men."

UI law Professor Steve Beckett, speculating about the results of a study that showed women serve on Champaign County juries in greater numbers in proportion to their percentage of the population than men.

"Auto sales have really been doing well."

Jim Muschinske, revenue manager for Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability, explaining that increased sales tax revenue driven by car sales is generating unexpected new revenue for the state. An estimated $200 million in car sales tax revenue is part of the extra $369 million in revenue expected in the current fiscal year.

"Hopefully, it will be dismissed."

Danville Alderman Mike Puhr, discussing a driving under the influence charge against him following his arrest over the weekend. Puhr acknowledged that he had been drinking but denied being under the influence. Puhr said he went through the field sobriety test but refused a breathalyzer.

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