Dan Corkery: Letters to the editor take technological turn

Dan Corkery: Letters to the editor take technological turn

Editors often say they want to "hear" their readers' opinions. That means that we are encouraging readers to express their views in a letter suitable for publication.

Today, I'm adding a twist to the phrase.

We want to hear and see our letter writers — in the form of video letters to the editor.

Since last fall, The News-Gazette has been stepping up its game by producing more video news and sports reports for news-gazette.com.

Now we want to expand our video efforts beyond story-telling to include opinions — specifically your opinions.

We have a newly outfitted radio and video studio in our downtown Champaign newsroom, and we're ready to record your thoughts on the issues of the day and post them on our website.

If you're interested, send me an email or call me (dcorkery@news-gazette.com, 217-351-5218). We are eager to give voice to our readers' wide range of opinions.

Puzzle solution

Back in March, I asked you, dear readers, for your opinions about our daily puzzle page.

And many of you responded. In fact, about 200 — a total that exceeded the number of responses I received about comics.

I knew you were passionate about comics, but I was surprised by your level of affection for the crossword puzzle, sudoku, the TV listings and more. I learned that many of you look forward to our two advice columnists and that many prefer Carolyn Hax ("outstanding, down-to-earth counsel") over Dear Abby.

Further, you told me the puzzles are much more than a diversion. For many, they're morning calisthenics for the mind.

And one respondent said working on the puzzles reminds her of her grandmother, who would sometimes call her so they could work out a solution to the day's crossword puzzle.

That woman lived to be 97.

Good anecdotal evidence that these features are important.

No changes to the lineup on the puzzle page.

Dan Corkery, managing editor for administration, is a member of The News-Gazette's editorial board. His email is dcorkery@news-gazette.com.

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